New Day = Lambent Delay?

The Lambent being a mid-OP drop feels like it’s been very fine-print changed at the last minute. Unlike Sam, Minh and Sraak. Seems like the Trailer featured them right at the forefront like they were supposed to be apart of the launch, and then changed to “Coming Soon!” at the last second.

This is just me speculating and if somebody has a legitimate reason otherwise please correct me, but does it feel like this (Purely corporate) move to add in three wrestlers(?, they are wrestlers, WWE right?) suddenly, since it’s contractual and a deal between the companies, that forced TC to get them out in time for the WWE event and push back our actual content (actual as in content we’d want).

Because they didn’t whip up these characters (IRL Ports) in a day, or a weekend. It took time, effort (hard or hardly) and resources away from other portions of development, making me think that the crappy WWE tie in kinda forced our Lambent characters to be pushed back.

Is it just me? Does this sound right?

Edit: Also realizing why I don’t like them a little more, I know people didn’t like El-P and Killer Mike, because unlike Ice T’s cameo he plays an actual character, whereas RTJ was just them–but in Gears, I didn’t mind because I like RTJ, hip-hop has always fleshed well with Gears, and their outfits matched the context of them game (if not just copy pasted from Dom/Cole). But the WWE guys we have all look dumb (That’s personal but I hate their hair). And Color Blast was despised in Gears 4, I only used it for the memes but truly I’m glad to see it gone. But these guys just had to whip out the Blue’s Clues looking wallpaper for armor, didn’t they? They don’t blend, they aren’t even famous wrestlers (to the extent of say Batista) and it just frustrates me to see something like this jammed into our faces.


This sounds completely right and is exactly what I speculated. I top feel like the corporate suits dropped this New day bomb on T.C. last minute which if you think about must be really lame.

Kinda sucks when people get on T.C. for it because it really isn’t their fault.


Lets just hope they don’t make the same mistakes come Gears 6,or hopefully that’s all of the promotional stuff completely done now :man_shrugging:

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It isn’t, but someone at TC should have the power to step in right? I’ve heard similar stories with Blizzard and Activison, of the old Blizzard head pushing back against Act.

I know it seems like TC doesn’t have any leaders but at what point do we say “Okay, we have 10, TEN. DIEZ. Ten guest characters, and the fanbase is supportive of—maybe 2 of them?” Seriously Mortal Kombat 9, 10, and 11 combined barely have 10 Guests brought in and that’s a series known for bringing in guests. Gears 5 has 10 (None of which have any relevance to Gears or the fanbase whatsoever–besides maybe Batista and Halo) and we’re just barely past the 1 year mark.


Tbf though, more work gets put into guest characters on MK, they literally have their own movesets, voicelines and animations plus I don’t think I’ve seen one bad guest character that didn’t fit with Mortal Kombat… maybe joker in MK11?

I personally think human guest characters in Gears are fine, so long as they don their own proper cog armor not steal someone else’s armor cough cough batista, at least then theres no eye sores like with what we see in new day (Basically that colourblast skin from Gears 4) even the run the jewels rappers got their own cog armor in Gears 4 :man_facepalming:

Plugging this in because it’s pretty much related and effectively sums up my main actually relevant thoughts to the matter, when putting aside that I don’t like feature characters anyway.

I thought they were (head) reskins of the Gears 4 Commando Dom and old Cole?

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Their armor was copied from Commando Dom and Armored Cole.

And this goes to my point brilliantly, MK takes care and consideration into making their characters work, using them sparingly so they don’t overshadow the main cast, and picking them so they blend with the themes MK has going.

Gears 5 literally has Terminators, Halo Spartans, Batista and now glittered-up wrestlers. If you told me that in 2011, hell even 2013 or 2016 I’d call it a crappy joke.

But that’s pretty much all Gears 5 is. A bad joke.
They got my hopes up good with OP5, then we couldn’t go a week without something stupid.


You guys are right, but comparing killer mike and cole here the colour of the chest piece is different and killer mike actually looks bigger than cole in-game which is… Well crazy… because the cole train runs on whole grain baby, noones as big as cole :joy:

EL-P is a direct body swap, but in terms of armor I meant like standard issue, so you could see others in the cog wearing that armor too… my gripe with Marcus’s body swap with batista is its literally Marcus’s body, just his armor placed over old man marcus, like it would’ve been nice to see batista how he looked in that trailer of him trying the armor on irl

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As someone who’s heavily invested in the Mortal Kombat Fandom I think some of you are grossly underestimating how annoyed fans were and still are over guests no matter how many there are.


Ofc, but in terms of bumping into guest characters in-game, gears vs MK, you are less likely to see them in your game in mortal kombat I’d say, whereas the chances of having 4 wrestlers in your team in gears has never been higher :man_facepalming::grimacing:

Idk man I’m in there sometimes too and what I’ve gathered from most diehards is “Muh Mileena” and not too much about the guests. But i could be very wrong, I normally am.

5 with Workout Fahz.

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Yeah, I get that and don’t disagree. Just wanted to add a little perspective is all.


Bottom line the fans are gonna be passionate and picky about what they perceive as best suited material, so I do get why people wouldn’t be happy either way in both games, can’t please everyone though… unless you add colourblast wrestlers, that’s gonna piss everyone off


I’m one of the guys that are not that bothered by guests so I guess I’m a little bias when it comes to it but I also can see why someone wouldn’t like it. It also depends on the content. Im a huge wrestling fan (not just pertaining WWE) so seeing the New Day in Gears of War is crazy to me. Thought I’d never see that and I actually dig it. With MK I dont really care about Rambo or Robocop in MK11 but I dont mind Terminator. I dont know. Weird tastes are weird.

To be fair to TC I also think they’re getting a little undeserved hate for this. The content isn’t close to being done and they’ve added a TON of characters in here I thought they’d never bring again or characters that people have been wanting playable for years. Karn, Cyclops, Palace Guard, G2 Tai, characters from Judgment, characters from Tactics. A bunch of fan service Gears content. I dont think adding another wrestler would hurt much but thats just me.


im really sorry but i don’t like WWE caracters

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Highly doubt it. I’m sure this was planned tor a while. The Lambent are coming later for the simple fact that they want the hype and content flow to remain consistent and not blow their load in one shot. I expect the Lambent to be here soon I don’t think they’ll be a mid Op drop.

Or we will get a Lambent-mas!? :christmas_tree::gift:

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DAMN. Just … Damn , that’s one hell of a metaphore.

That said , I absolutly agree with the topic , I despise those 3 freaks , they ruin the experience , the immersion and the EVERYTHING.
I hate hearing their dumb lines and I hate being in team with them.
I also openly want TC (or Microsoft , wathever) to notice how much do I hate and despise these kind of characters.
They are not characters , they are clowns.

On the other hand , I find myself pretty confident with other kind of guest characters.
Batista in the Campaign? Why not.
OG Marcus looked a lot like him also his deep badass voice can make some of his quotes quite enjoyable.
Also Batista’s armor ain’t Eye Cancer at his finest.
Sarah Connor … Ahm , Civilians in a warfight? Why not.
Terminator? You mean DB gone wrong …?
Aaaand hate me up if you want but I love the Spartans.
Trust me when I say that the only reason why I still play this game is because of Kat , cause otherwise I would have been long gone.
Point is : Halo SUCKS.
Gameplay wise , I mean.
They run out of ideas like 10 years ago (so did Gears tbh) so I just hate the way Halo plays.
But I love the universe building of it (or used to before 343 made some ‘TC-worthy’ mistakes) so I find the fact that G5 lets you play as them , Amazing.
I simply justify them as “COG Élite Unit” since the Onyx Guards in New Ephyra have the same role of janitors.

Somehow , I stood them all.
I found ways to justify them.
What the heck are those freaks?!
What the hell are they doing in my game?
Hope they’ll disappear as soon as possible.


Well, hey, at least you guys have something in common.

Its a bad day for gears having these kiddy lookin clowns in the game.