New cover speed?

What’s going on guys, I’ve noticed that the cover spread and Boyce seems to be increased but no patch notes on it. It may just be the servers or something else? I’m well aware that a lot of people like faster paced gears and I know a lot like it slowed down I personally think it was just right with op 3 maybe a little slower speed on the slide but keeping the ability to heal while bouncing I feel this would help the bouncing community not feel cheated when it came to our playing people but also fair enough for people who like the strategic part of Gear’s to not feel completely worthless either.

The game us so slow !!!

Is it though? It’s not gow 4 not designed to be played like that but it’s also not gow 1 you can’t counter anything from an up a it’s irritating

It seems the same as OP 3’s speed to me.

It slightly increased from what I’ve been told I just don’t know how much so idk really what’s wrong stuff just doesn’t feel right