New Content Please?

Hey Devs,

Gears Tactics… Great game! I’m loving every moment. I am almost completely through Insane buuuuut… Is there more?

Any updates on game updates/add-ons? would be great to get more game.



A heavy class hero would be fun and could be worth another playthrough or two

an online multiplayer mode would have been good to help replay the game, I remember someone here (even if I don’t remember who said it xd) that it would be games of at least half an hour, like a fairly complex chess, although well, there are people who enjoy of that kind of long and strategic gameplay, in its way it is just as close as a competitive game of koth

They could also add more missing armor, the marine armor, Clayton’s Recruit armor, classic onyx armor, v-day armor (I suppose it existed before, in the lambent pandemic they barely had resources to spend to produce a new line of equal armor) even gears 5 commando armor, it would be great to have new content in tactics


XCOM (which you may have heard of or played) has an online Versus mode. I’ve only touched on it very briefly and haven’t played many games of it, but it seems to work alright.

The way it worked in XCOM is that all units (both human and alien) are available; each player has the same unit points to spend; and each unit costs different amounts of unit points, so you can create a squad based on this. I can’t remember how the turn-taking went though - if they changed it to one move per player (as in, one unit at a time) or if each player got to move all units before the other player gets to go (like in the actual campaign game).

exactly like that: One player makes all his moves with the whole squad just like in single player, and after ending his turn, the next player takes it on. While the other one is at it, you might see “live” enemy units when they appear in your sight, but you can not interact with anything (besides the “I’m shivering and want to give up”-button) until your enemy has ended his turn. Overwatch etc. is done automatically.

Also what I have wanted as soon as i finished the game. Feel like Oscar could be involved somehow and be a good fit for a heavy and have a connection to the story already, or just a new character.

Seems strange to just be misisng a hero heavy, i hope this is something that is in the works. The first GOW game ive wanted more content for and there has been nothing since a patch in March?

That they add content to develop the lore, still a few unanswered questions that I would like them to answer with a new DLC campaign.