New Content For Gears 4?

I know the coalition is focused on Gears 5 and all but would be nice to bring some characters back such as Barrick, Paduk, Sophia, Loomis, Jace, Onyx Guard, Prescott, Helena Stroud, Alicia Valera, Hunter, Savage Hunter, Spotter, Karn, Miner, Savage Theron, Cyclops, Epic Reaper (that would be sick), ETC.

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They’ve been doing a steady 1 new pack / char a month thing and with gears five coming a lot of content is going to most likely be saved for that.

Also, locusts have a better chance of appearing this late into the life cycle due to COG requiring specific voice actors which some just aren’t easily available I.e the Jace & Michael B. Jordan situation

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Yeah TC have made it very clear many times that the team working on GOW4 at the moment is tiny and creating new skins is actually a very time consuming job. The rest of the development team have been moved to work on GOW5.

They also said that throughout 2018 and onwards that the focushas been and will continue be on variations of existing characters - basically this allows them to recycle character dialogue which cuts out a significant amount of work and cost. Locust/Swarm voice lines can be reused but new human characters require a specific voice actor (or at least a soundalike).

So the chances of getting new named human characters like Paduk, Jace, Valera etc are extremely slim at best, and are likely not to happen at all.

Karn is still a strong candidate to be released and I’m utterly convinced he will be (an image of a Gear Pack with Karn’s image on the box was accidently released in place of the Ride Of RAAM packs for a brief period back in August). In my opinion it’s far to coincidental to be a “mistake”.

Also just to add that in the last Developer’s Stream before Christmas, TC also said that for the next ranked season, the reward won’t be a diamond or other jewel themed variant of an existing character. They said that the character will be in the same vein as Aaron Griffin. They were very vague and didn’t say anymore on it, but many fans interpreted it as implying that it will be a new character that hasn’t appeared in the game yet.

Yeah, this is clearly evident across the skins, especially paid for eSports characters and weapon skins as of late.

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If I was to be fair on TC, I would say that many of the eSports skins since Supporter 9 have definitely been poorer quality compared to those in previous sets.

As far as the normal non-eSports skins from 2018 are concerned, if I’m to be totally honest I only really consider the Helmetless UIR skins to be complete and utter lazy rubbish.

In my opinion, we’ve had some fairly decent new characters in 2018. It hasn’t necessarily been what we want, and not as frequent or as many as 2017 but we’ve had the Rise of RAAM, Lambent Locust, Stalker Kantus, Griffin, Big Rig Dizzy… I think compared to the content in 2017, then 2018 was always going to be hard to follow up on. Given the whole voice actor thing and the costs, it’s not been that bad.

We also need to remember that GOW4 has, by a massive margin, has the largest roster of characters ever in a GOW game. I accept that theres a fair number of them we could have done without but for me, these were the earlier launch skins and/or Season 2 ones like Colorblast, Zombie, DOTD, Wrestler and Lucador Oscar, and the Helmetless Gears.

There’s been a few non eSports ones that haven’t been the best but on the whole acceptable.

Perhaps I should have only commented on the eSports which hold my interest exclusively when it comes to characters and weapon skins but I agree, Pack 9 and the ones that followed haven’t been very good.