New Classic Golden Gear

Seeing the model for the Classic Golden Gear has my hopes high for a possible V-Day pack before Gears 4 is no longer pumped with new content. The fact that it was so random and out of no where, makes me think what else TC have in store, Baird’s v-day variant has the exact same armour as the cog gears do, so hopefully we could see it in the near future.

Has anyone else completed the challenge aswell? Let me know :slight_smile:

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Completed it last night. I just played non-stop social matches.

I’m not massively fussed about the character. But I did notice that it differs from both the normal Golden Gear and the V-Day Gears, so it looks like a bit of effort went into it (obviously not a super big amount of effort, but you know what I mean!) The helmet seems to be the one worn by the V-Day Gear and Medic with different colouring; but the leg armour is different and is unique. It looks like the Classic Golden Gear has these extra straps on them, and the armour covering the shin doesn’t go up high enough to cover the knee (whereas the other Gear soldiers’ leg armour does).

I think V-Day variants of Dom, Cole and Baird will eventually appear. Their voice lines are already in the game, and TC have said that the focus has been on variants of existing characters because it’s just quicker and easier, so this fits with that model. And V-Day Marcus has been in the game for a long time now, so it makes sense to finish the set!

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Yeah exactly! And just to add to that, Zombie Dom has been in the game since launch, surely enough, TC used his human form to design the zombie variant. Unless they made it difficult for themselves and started the zombie from scratch.

It just doesn’t make sense to me. But I’m hoping we do see the rest of delta in their v-day variants before Gears 5.

Is anyone else amazed by the amount of character skins (and weapon) we have in 4.

The rosta is huge, albeit a good many variations on one model…do we need that many Oscars and JD’s.
I understand why, need to fill out those Gearpacks

Do you think we will get as many in 4, do you want as many in 5 or maybe even more ?

I love having such a huge choice, although I could live with sacking off the colour blast, day of the dead, wrestling etc for some legacy we have only seen once in previous games.


I prefer variety, there’s far too many useless skins such as Colorblast and Day of the Dead (and Oscars, agreed…). If anything Gears 5 should have Legacy characters and that’s it,

I don’t need to mention EL-P again do I…


Yeah it was a pain but did it 8 hours

I agree, I liked the type of characters and skins Gears 3 had, nothing over the top and you could actually earn the characters and obtain ones from previous games.

I’m hoping TC will make progression and unlock similar to UE and Gears 3.

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We don’t need a Gears 5, just a Gears 3 UE would be fine :joy:


I’d love a remastered Gears 3, heck I’d love to remaster all of them.

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Gears 2 UE first guys. 3 can wait.

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TC need to add more comic characters, im still shocked that after all these years harper has not been a MP character in any game.

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TC need help my progress tracker is not progressing at all. I am checking on the achievement list on the xbox and ther rewards page. GT POOPYTOAD

Unlocked him earlier, he is ok. On

On the same subject, playing KOTH on Gridlock earlier, first round nice healthy lead (we won it). I noticed a played not playing, sent a message stating “Playyyyyy!!” Nothing else I might add.
Got a message back from playing stating " sorry" then quitting directly after, then sent me another message during game saying “i got my achievement :)”
Sums up some of the XXXX we have. Screw you lot, I’m alright Jack.
We lost 2-1 :frowning:

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:rofl: I just unlocked the Diamond Gear.


That’s why I played social for the Golden Gear…:rofl:

Still need dem phantom skinz

I played nonstop king of the hill, and i think the helmet is a bit different since i compared the two.