New classes for horde

The pve mode needs new classes urgently this because most of the people already have their classes at the maximum level or at least add new and useful cards to the promotional type classes or allow duplicate cards to give gearcoins as we have many classes with duplicate cards are useful to us.

I doubt we’ll get any more classes because it took them long enough to make those we have now, which is a shame really.

I would love to see the Hammer of Dawn come back as an ultimate they could bring that class in when they add Hoffman or Prescott and when you get to level 20 with the class instead of getting the heroic venom weapon skin you’ll get a legendary skin for Hoffman/Prescott (That isn’t like heroic Marcus).


I would like to think that if they are going to put more classes because playing with the same ones just because they added 2 more levels is not fun

Thanks to everyone who whined about abilities locked to characters tc obtained a perfect excuse to not continue developing abilities, so better just forget that dream.


I’d only want a new class if it offered something new, like a distinctly different skillset and play style. I wouldn’t want another class that specialises in explosive launchers, or sniping as we already have classes for those roles.

But if there was a truly specialist grenadier class? Yeah, that would be different and a welcome addition.

Basically I don’t want new classes for the sake of it, certainly not for the sake of an artificial grind. It needs to contribute something new and different to PVE.

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Don’t hold your breathe man. That didn’t happen in Gears 4 and it certainly won’t happen in Gears 5

I really think new classes aren’t necessary. What is necessary is additions and reworks to currently available classes to give them more dynamic range in choice, and for some, make them feasible to begin with.

The four promotional classes are clearly on an island by themselves. Mostly useless compared to their much better counterparts. OP6 could be an opportunity for TC to give them more options and better reasons to be picked than “I’m a completionist”.

Also, if the 4x XP event was any indication, there aren’t that many people who’ve maxed all the classes, OP. I’ve never even once been in a group of all 20s, because we’re always building up our other classes. Sometimes you just play for fun, rather than trying to hit a bigger number. You know?

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What would a new class even be at this point? As long as they don’t start nerfing classes again, the current “normal” classes all have their pros and cons and can be fun when played correct.

I don’t really think Horde really needs new classes. Not even urgently.

19 classes is a fair amount, and there are multiple playstyles in most of those classes themselves.

Plus, if you are playing the game to get the classes to level 20, I’d question why you are even playing the game in the first place.


Only Combat medic needs a buff, don’t want or need new classes myself.

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19 seems like an uneven amount imo, now having 20 classes overall would’ve complemented the Lv 20 cap they added in OP5.

The games Classes, or Professions should be split up in to basic cats of Tank, Sniper, Grenadier, Medic, Scout and Engineer, the latter 2 dependant upon certain criteria, if not these two then replace them with Rifleman and maybe some sort of A.I., Jack to be precise.
I think the Fabricator needs to go and Bases returned, Fabricator has always been a source of ruination and good fun for the idiots of the game, constantly moving it and all that.
Energy is also been a subject i have often thought about, a game based around Energy and Taps has always been suspect to me, never liked it. Which brings me to the Engineer and Scout. The Scout was supposed to run around and collect Energy, but the game being what it is, anyone could pick it up, my opinion get rid of the Energy or make it so only the Scout can pick it up, every game has a Scout, more on that later. Engineers build, upgrade and repair, if they can not do that, then get rid of them completely, therefore no need for a Scout. A game with an Engineer in it where everyone and anyone can build baffles my mind, why would a Tank be building when their job is to be out there in the thick of it, where do they find the time to build, upgrade and repair. Baffles me.
If the Scout and the Engineer are to stay in the game, use them to their Skills/Professions.
So, basic set up of the game can get under way now. Tanks have the ability to create aggro, draw in the enemies, kill them at close range with Shotgun, Enforcer and Knife/Melee, this drops energy for the Scout to pick up, Snipers shoot from range helping the Tank, also paying particular attention to the bigger enemies. Medics are obviously there to Heal, using a version of the Stim Grenade, not sure what to call it yet, not my job to think of these names, but they have the ability to shoot a Grenade or Dart or something at any downed team mate, keeping them safe, with a secondary job of helping the Engineer, or even let them be a Markza user. Grenadiers are Specialist at Planting and/or throwing Grenades. If there are no Scouts or Engineers in the game, a Rifleman is a Lancer Specialist and and A.I. unit can be used as a Medic or a Fortifications Deployment Specialist, meaning they have a limited access to certain Fortifications, in my opinion this sounds better than an Engineer.

So, how do they work, and a basic Skill Card summary…
Tanks will specialise in defence, Skill Cards will use basically the same ones from Gears of War 4 used by the Scout, extra Armour, extra Health and all that good stuff to keep the Tank asking for more and more, Tanks will not need Skill Cards for weapons, except for Melee, Tanks are there to draw in the enemies, so everyone else gets to pop them off, especially the Snipers.
Snipers will use the Skill Cards from Gears of War 4, and they also have bigger pools for ammo and bigger magazines.
Grenadiers will get a special Skill Card that allows them to drop a Grenade Crate, full of Grenades, this, for as long as it is in play will generate a never ending supply of Grenades, timed of course, Skill Card will increase the amount it can carry, not how quickly it generates, can not make it too easy for the Grenadier, eh.
Medics, not sure about Medics, your basic standard recharge for your Heals. Any ideas ???
If they are in the game, Scouts will focus mostly on Stealth, as long as they are within a certain radius of the Tank, they will be ignore. Lightly Armoured and fast on their feet.
Engineers will build, Upgrade and repair, their Skill Cards will focus on reducing cost and time, and specialise in one and only one Offensive Fortification, Barriers will get their own Skill Cards as they are not offensive, but Defensive.
And lastly, Jack. Skill Cards for this character will be based around choosing which Fortification they will be using, no Barriers for Jack, but Sentries only. Also, Healing and Repairing will use the same Skill Cards.

These are just basic ideas for Classes/Professions. I would like to have gone in to more depth with these, but i would be here all day, and a wall of text is not exactly a welcoming sight.
One thing i am certain of though, and that is the Fabricator must go, i think it is time the Bases were returned, but instead of fixed positions for Fortifications, you buy the Fortifications and move them anywhere you want within the boundaries of the Base. I do not know about anyone else, but i really hate it when people move the Fabricator around out of boredom or stupidity.

So the implication is once you max out something you dont play it anymore? So if people max out their classes then they need new classes to grind for as a way of keeping them in the game?

Thats pathetic. They should be making a game that is fun to play, not just keeping adding more things to grind for.

The classes i enjoy playing i have maxed. Classes i dont, or i dont see the point of, are barely developed. I have zero interest in starting the stupid class grind and card rng bs cycle all over again…

But they, each to their own…

Thry need to fix the inconsistencies in the bloody game (is tap a fortification? Sometimes… Is trishot a ballistic weapon? Sometimes…) They need to fix the damage perks and bleed so they apply to the ACTUAL damage inflicted, not some stupidly low base weapon damage number…

Fix cards so they actually DO what they are supposed to do…

There are sooo many issues which are interfering with the game play, for many/all classes: fix THOSE, FFS…

But yes, it is easier to just some new class and tell everyone who has a fetish for completness “grind awat, my son”.


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It’s a reflection of gaming culture for sure, and it’s been something that’s been building for many years. It’s the completionist thing and that’s existed even before video games - like collecting baseball cards or stamps and stuff. Some people, especially when they’re invested in something, want to complete the set.

And grinding works on a similar psychological level. It’s about hooking people and making them feel like it’s an achievement.

I think one of the biggest contributors to this kind of culture and mentality, was the advent of “achievements” (XB) and “trophies” (PS). It created this “official” checklist of things for players to do which is designed to artificially extend the lifespan of a game. In a weird way, it may have had the unintended opposite effect as some people may think “Oh well I’ve got 100% of the achievements now, I don’t need to play that game ever again!”

But you’re right though, I’m a slightly older gamer who started gaming in the early 90s and back then, gaming was all about fun and enjoying yourself. We didn’t play to grind. We played for the pure joy of it.


I don’t need new classes but I moved on from classes I’ve maxed out temporarily to get a feeling for what each class is capable of. The 15main-classes are currently maxed out and I’d say I got a pretty good feeling for what each of them is capable of.

Currently playing promos and while Kat is a dog-â– â– â– â–  Engi the Ult with the cough slightly buffed cough extension card is quite nice for boss-waves.

We are probably similar in age…

Re the orhwr stuff, yeah, exactly what you said.

I play because i enjoy the game. If i dont enjoy the game, i dont play.

I loved gow4 versus, and spent lots of $ on dlc: didnt mind it… In g5 i never enjoyed versus, so i dont have a single chrome steel…

The idea that i should play just to complete some set is ridicolous to me… Make the game interesting and fun …

I’d rather they fix the ones already in the game (Promos) than add new classes.

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My thoughts also. TC said before that the promo characters were purposely made to be not as powerful as those from the Gears universe. Now that classes aren’t tied to characters and the promo classes aren’t hidden behind a paywall, there’s really no reason why they can’t buff them more. That’s probably much more likely to happen than us getting an entirely new class.

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I wouldn’t mind if they tweaked some of the current classes (by giving them extra cards) rather having new classes.

If we do end up with a new class, I love to see another medic, with better damage and healing build than combat medic.

Issue with that is it would make Combat Medic obsolete.