New characters coming soon?

What’s up everyone ! I’m just trying to see if there had been any news or updates regarding new characters coming to the game any time soon. I’m kinda getting tired of the selection we have right now and would really like if I can be a cog soldier or something.


There’s another Title Update coming this Tuesday, and with that marking about 1 month since launch I’m hoping we get another couple characters.


TC mentioned that 4 characters will be released at some point during Operation 1 (which ends in early December) with one of them being a COG Hero - as in usable in Escape and Horde.

TC also previously said that virtually all individual characters will be Heroes in Escape and Horde.

So if we put these two statements together, it seems that one of these four will be a named character like Paduk or Clayton Carmine, and the other three characters will either be generic characters or Swarm/Locust like the COG Gear, DeeBee, or Swarm Warden or something.


Awesome thanks for the info bro! Clayton would be a dope character to have! At this point I really don’t care I just want to use someone fresh and new and I’m getting tired seeing the same characters over and over and getting to a lobby where everyone is the terminator :joy:

tErMiNaToR dEsTrOyEd¡

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I honestly hope the “characters” arent just skins for the current selection…wouldnt surprise me seeing how the store feature is way worse than the one from 4.


They shouldn’t be.

TC said that the terminology they use is that a “character” is the individual unique base design, so Kait, Fahz or RAAM.

A “skin” is a variant of a character, so Desert Kait and Gilded Kait are skins for the character Kait.

Their previous news posts state that there will be four characters being released at some point in this Operation (which runs til early December).


Do they understand that adding only one horde / escape character at a time means everyone will pick up the same new character when they come out?
Which makes it more difficult to start a game because people are gonna quit at a lobby when they see the new character is taken.


Paduk (markza sniper), baird (engineer), cole (explosive, heavy weapons…), clayton (soldier variant)


Don’t be silly they dont understand anything at all


From the most recent What’s Up.

We have a Title Update coming in mid-October which will see new character models added to Gears 5 – remember these can be earned or purchased. We’ll reveal the details in the next What’s Up.

So check on Monday.

Yeah i can see that being a big issue cos I’d like to play as the Onxy guard or cog gear but chances are other people will too. One of the reasons the roster should of been bigger if they was planning to have the system that way

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This is going to be the 24 maps of gears 5. They bit off more than they could chew by saying all characters will be heroes. Unless they walk that back don’t expect to many new characters to come out unless they start duping class/card setups.

I totally agree. New Hero characters should be released at the very least 2 at a time, or 3. I understand it takes time to create them, balance the skills etc etc, but it seems that TC are either missing this detail, or udnerestimating how it will affect the playerbase and how Horde and Escape will be played in public.

I personally play with friends all the time and we can easily negotiate who does what and take it in turns as we play together lots. I honestly haven’t played a single public Horde game in GOW5 yet. It’s always with friends, and at worst, we only had to pick up 1 random player at a time through matchmaking or LFG.

But considering the fact they first said everything would be earnable, to then realeasing the game stating earnable or purchased, I wouldn’t be surprised if they say character and it’s actually a skin.

Probably more garbage characters like Mac… Still don’t know who he is.

I’m just waiting for some ACTUAL gears of war characters.

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Those 3 have a comic book series. Not sure which was first.

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Wow I didn’t think this thread would blow lol. I do have to to agree with some points being made. Re-skins are cool, but if that is what is being considered as a “new character” then that’s a shame. This is probably the first gears game that I am disappointed with the character selection. We get provided a ton of new characters in the campaign and not 1 (besides the main characters) were included. This game has so much potential on being great, but having to get “skins” (gun or character) through the store is a let down.

As for the characters that are going to be released within the next title update, I do agree that they should release at least 2 new hero characters at so it can give everyone an opportunity to be them while playing horde or escape. As for the multiplayer, I already expect to see everyone be the new characters, so that already kinda brings down some excitement. I must admit I miss gears 3 and how their DLC packs came out. I actually didn’t mind paying $25 because at least I knew what I was getting. 4 characters, 2 new maps, and like 5 gun skins. Now a days I’m paying 25 bucks for 1 Character.

This game is fun to play I’m not gonna lie. It’s just those little things that bring down the joy to the game.

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These are the confirmed characters, the other one is going to be a juvie or the dude with the maces


How do you know there the confirmed characters?if the onxy guard drops tomorrow I can’t wait to spend ages in the lobby because people wanna be him