New characters are grind or buy! Really?

As the title says guys. Thoughts?

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Earn them through Totem something

They use “your” instead of “you’re” in that article and forgot to insert the price point.


The requirements are reasonable. The raam one would be a lot easier if we had beast mode😁


Seems good. I wonder if they gave the COG Gear Carmine’s voice.

I imagine it will be the cogs from horde bot filling.

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shouldnt force you to play escape though man


Finally!! This is what the store should’ve been: buy it at once or earnable in a reasonable time frame.

Hopefully they add more customization items to this system.


It’s forcing you to play all the modes, just run through the surge 9 times on begginer, 1 hour. It’s the least time consuming requirement. Or 5 bucks if your time is more valuable and you really want the character.

Better than pay $5
Also, the grind part makes more fun to me.
Also also, I expect Gear Soldier, I really like that character

For each character

100 scrap to be able to start the totem
60,000 xp in whatever
50 waves of horde
40 versus rounds
18 acts of escape

From how it sounds these don’t stack so need to be done for each character along with another unique challenge for each character.

Or pay 500 iron to get 1 character along with 3 days boost.

just seems lazy to make the same objectives for each character

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I think this is pretty good indeed.

We must not forget new characters are more (kinda) than just a skin, from cog: New hero, new cards new ulti, and the rest new mode in arcade.

I agree, it is lazy and not well thought. Still I prefer it to get 1000 breaker mace kills for warden. That would make more sense but also would take longer than these requirements.

hopefully they give the next bunch of characters different objectives so you dont have to do the same thing over and over for each character


Wishful thinking. But hey at least experience means something now😆

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This is great! Really looking forward to start this.


So if you pay 5.00 you can bypass all the grind and totom thing?Where do i insert my 5 dollars?the grind is clearly made over the top for just some base chars.


Do some of you even know what you are complaining about anymore?