New character system is flawed

Okay, so you’re gonna give us the option to earn unlockable characters, but lock unlockable characters with totems that we can’t even craft? Because I’m pretty sure barely anyone has any scrap to use on crafting said totem, because your extremely flawed supply drop system only gives us useless marks and blood-sprays that literally no one cares about.

Thanks Coalition.

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You get plenty of scrap from playing the game. Supply drop duplicates should give you enough to make the totems.

As of today I had 2300 scrap, so I crafted them with no issues.

I literally only have 20 scrap.

Then you’re not playing enough multiplayer is my guess.

How the hell do you earn scrap anyway? I don’t have jack from playing multiplayer.

I play a lot of horde and escape matches. Mainly horde, that’s where I accumulate scrap.

Huh, well. How much scrap do you get on average?

The fact the supply they add is never anything I care about is exactly why i have plenty of scrap lol granted i only need to worry about 2 totems, bought Warden with Iron and done have Raam via Gilded so they gave me the normal Raam automatically

About 100 to 200 depending on what supply dupes I get and what difficulty. I normally play on insane or higher.

Iv accumulated about 3000 scrap just from playing the game so far, so I think 100 is a very fair price. I can see that it would be annoying if you dont have any scraps though… honestly im not really sure why they make you pay scraps and then do challenges.

If you only play a few hours a week you will likely only get the original drops. The more you play the more duplicates get turned into scrap.