New Character skins idea

Hello TC :slightly_smiling_face:
I have idea about adding new character skins in future. Why we have so many wrestlers? Its so boring.
Try add some characters from other games or blockbuster movies, like prepurchase bonus from Halo or Terminator skins.
Maybe something like Senua from Hellblade or other characters from Xbox studios

Players, post your ideas :slightly_smiling_face:


No more crossovers please. It really takes the immersion out of the game. If it was up to me the Halo and Terminator characters would never have made it into GOW.


Agreed, no more crossovers, wrestlers, terminators or otherwise in Gears.


No crossover.

How about - Jace Stratton, Alicia Valera, Michael Barrick, Aaron Griffin, heck even Adam Fenix or Oscar Diaz.


How about no? Please stop with these silly and terrible “idea” threads that have been beaten to death.


characters from another world makes the game worse

I’d love it if they ■■■■■■ off the cross overs all together

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no more dumb cross-overs

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Yep, but for me is still better char from other game than group of wrestlers :wink:

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The only ones that make sense logically is Microsoft properties or Tactics customization minus the obscenely bright colors…

I will personally execute EVERY Vinyl Kait and New Day I see in game til I stop playing or Gears 6 launches. They should all be shamed for their choices.


Why not?

I’d like Isaac from Deadspace as a cog.

Devil Jin from Tekken as swarm.


Yeah don’t stop til you reach the top!
Sorry, couldn’t resist.

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I’m not a fan of majority of these crossovers ig it’s for fun and maybe bring targeted audience in and such I feel like if they do any they still should kind of fit into the gears universe look wise as much as possible while still maintaining what they look like be cool have some more original lines too…

Only crossover I would’ve really liked to see is doom guy if they could’ve done that around eternal launch too would’ve been good timing. I don’t know if we need or be such good idea to do any crossovers right now considering they are working on so many different things and we’re missing lot of original gears characters still.

Also, Senua is badass. Maybe having Master chief would’ve been awesome…


I want a good halo skin for Jack cause the one they made for him sucks.
I would replace that skin with a skin that turns jack into a forge monitor.


For you, Fortnite seems like your game plenty of characters there!

Calm down and stop judging me please :slightly_smiling_face:
You dont know me and you are totaly out :wink:
Try write something productive or nothing


Based on the leaks, we don’t have to worry about any conjecturing for character skins. TC pretty much has the roster releases prepared from now until they stop supporting the game.

I think i would much rather see a character creator than more random tie-ins. Mind you, the terminator and halo characters are close enough that it’s passible by my standards, but it just makes more sense to let people MAKE their own characters than to just keep trying to tie-in to non-gears franchises. If anything, you should be able to buy and use skins, as normal, but be able to use said skins’ parts to customize your own character. This would allow them to bring in all the old skins from previous games, as well as assets that have already been made, without having to pay other ip holders for their usage.

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How did they even get the vinyl kait skin?

No crossover.

I have not seen any wrestlers since i started playing gears 5 What are you talking about. Characters from other games only promotes those games and Gears is already a dead game, so no, Please dont.