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New Carmine in potential Gears 6?

Do you think they’ll introduce a new carmine in gears 6? Would it be the fourth Carmine brother or would it be a younger Carmine like Gary & Lizzie

I feel they missed out on using the Fourth Carmine in Tactics but maybe it wouldn’t work

At this point it’s almost better if they don’t.
Think about what Attack of the Clones did for Boba Fett. :flushed:

This documentary covers that sordid tale quite well:


:joy: That was clever. :vulcan_salute:

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I think what Attack of the Clones did for Boba was fine

Just like everything about the prequels TCW did them justice

But this is the gears virgin forums and not the star wars virgin forums

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I thought he was more bad@$$ when I didn’t know anything.:wink:

Let’s get back to gears before we rip each other’s throats like true star wars fans


Probably. We got Gary in 4, Lizzie in 5 and will most likely have another carmine alongside Clayton in 6. It’s a military family and the Carmine’s are destined to die and TC won’t kill Clay so we need someone to fill that gap

I don’t know what TC’s Carmine policy is anymore. Gary still perplexes me to this day. I assume they’re just doing the offspring of the main 3 Carmine’s and so we’ll get another younger one in 6. Whatever they do I hope they don’t kill them so quickly this time.


F. Carmine :thinking:

D. Carmine as a classic Onyx guard or D. Carmine as the new “Onyx gears”?

DlCK Carmine :grin:

Oh brother…

Deimos, Daniel or Damien (damien/damon ._.)

Since Lizzie is kinda popular. How about a twin sister? Isabella ‘Izzie’ Carmine :slight_smile:


David “The Clown” Carmine.


I second this, great idea @TC_Clown could be honoured in game.

Edit: Make him a hipster called Dude Carmine.

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I think the fourth Carmine brother has to be Lizzie’s father. Since Clayton is her uncle, and some of Lizzie’s lines I heard; she just calls Anthony and Benjamin by their names instead of saying dad. I have no clue where Gary fits though, I always thought he was Clayton’s son😂

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Or maybe Lizzie’s brother… :thinking:

Just call him Dave. Dave always works. (Totally not referencing a british YouTuber who just calls players Dave if he features gameplay from them and can’t pronounce their in-game names properly or they’re too much of a mouthful to keep saying for 10+ minutes. Suddenly there were a lot of Daves around.)

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Reminds me of Red Dwarf.

Everyone is dead, Dave.

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