NEW box mode arena?(For those who can't waste time hunting you?)

So just how is 4 players shooting at each other at point blank range,going to be a fun new mode?Sound dumb and kinda pointless to me,If TC was going to put anymore effort into any more sorta new maps,then a new weather effect or time of day change map with one of the currents maps seems like a slighty better option…

I played a lot of private boxes on Gears UE, simple - messy - lovely.

As for why they brought it back? it was answered in last week dev stream: octus said something about a meeting they had every friday meant for new ideas to be discussed and at one of those meetings someone said he was working on a private project with 60% development: boxes.

Octus said that the only reason this was approved was because it was mostly done and required little resources so you can forget about new weather effects or another map.

This, plus if it was really pointless map, they wouldnt do a 10k 2v2 mini tournamemt at the upcoming SD LAN.

Also im curious whether any more maps was made during dev’s private time.

Because gnasher fights are the most fun thing in the game for the majority of the playerbase, lol

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Yeah? Reading the majority of the posts here on the forum, kinda tells me otherwise.

Had a lot of fun with Boxes on UE, so we’ll see how this goes :smiley:

I played boxes on UE last night for about 2hours trying to get my Serious to unlock. They’ve moved 2v2Boxes to the social playlist now. Only thing left in Ranked is regular Execution. That game is dead.