New book Gears of War Ephyra Rising will fill in story between Gears 3 & 4

Finally, a story that fills the gap between Gears 3 & 4. I can’t wait. Even though I do enjoy old man Marcus and some of what TC has given us, I personally think that THIS should have been Gears 4. It says it will be available on Sept 28. Hopefully it doesn’t get delayed.

The Locust War has ended with an energy weapon that pulsed across the land, destroying Locust and Lambent alike. The world is in shambles and the few survivors are isolated from one another. Humanity must begin anew. This novel reveals the canonical, never-before-seen events set in the time immediately following the game Gears of War 3.

With most of Sera’s civilization destroyed, Sergeant Marcus Fenix and Lieutenant Anya Stroud must somehow rebuild on the ruins. For Marcus, his purpose is impossible to grasp. With no clear enemy to fight, there may be no place left for him in this postwar world. Some call him hero, others view him with resentment.

As Anya struggles to create alliances to re-form the Coalition of Ordered Governments, she quickly discovers how impossible it is to tell friend from foe. Then whispers of Locust still stalking the land begin to spread. Fearing the worst, Marcus forms a team to assess the potential threat. As he and the other Gears search for Locust survivors, however, they quickly discover that the new enemy may be all-too-human, and utterly ruthless.


this is what weve been needing, im really excited now :slight_smile:


Sounds interesting. Been wondering if we’d get [more] coverage of this rather large time gap.


Thanks for flagging! Looking forward to this. :+1:


Just had another look on Amazon and it says publishing Sept 28. Didn’t catch that the first time. Updated OP.

I wonder if Marcus will cross paths with any established characters, like maybe Gabe or Reyna?


Probably not, cause in bloodlines Kait ask him if he meet her father and he answer her as a no

But anyway is a good news, really exited about it !!

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Marcus might cross paths with Lahni though, considering hes handling locust clean up.


Forgot about that. Though could still run into Reyna, Mac, or Lahni.


I feel two ways about this.

First a little excited because I love the lore. I love being immersed in a story. It can make the dry times in a game bearable.

Secondly a little sad. I always figured after the Gears 6 trilogy ends that we’d see some one off games covering a period like this book does. Since Gears hasn’t made any book so far into a game…looks like we will miss this era.

I know it wouldn’t make a great complete game as the lack of locust or swarm.

It’s just sad not to see some campaign content featuring Marcus and Anya.


This all could have been in 4s campaign


Great news :slightly_smiling_face:

Now that I finished POP! on Monday, I’m up to date reading the 2 last books (Ascendance and I’m almost on page 100 of Bloodlines).

I take a break of playing Gears 5 (only playing events for rewards) for reading 8 books that were in my backlog since I started POP! (Gears books on english, 1 Chip and Dale comic on german, 2 DC comics on english and 1 book about Germany and other about philosophy on spanish), so I think that I’ll go back to Gears 5 maybe at mid-month or later.

Just this week a friend of mine asked me about if some of the “new” books give more clues about Anya, now I can tell him about this book.



Yeah the leader of the squad that ended the bloody war should definitely be resented.

“I can understand perfectly how the report of my illness got about, I have even heard on good authority that I was dead… a cousin of mine, was seriously ill two or three weeks ago… but is well now. The report of my illness grew out of his illness. The report of my death was an exaggeration.”



I’m surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed the tie-in books. They’re not bad fiction, and they stay true to the canon. That’s not common for game and movie tie-in novels.

Anybody ever read the S.D. Perry Resident Evil novels? They’re hilarious.

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I wouldnt count out a dlc, but I understand what you mean.

We still have 14 years before gears 1 that needs coverage :slight_smile:

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Personally, id like to see more of Minh if we were to get a story set before gears 1. it would be pretty nice as he is an original character and they proved in gow 4 that he was present during E-Day.

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Stackpole was one of my favourite authors growing up.

RIP to the old EU

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Don’t worry, we still have Hans and [insert any random French name] to keep us company.

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I actually like those Resident Evil novels! :rofl:

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What did you think of ascendancy and blood lines as i have not read them yet