New anti cheat system?

is it working as intended? i’m still running into a few players that are blatantly cheating using you know what

And what would that be?

Octus announced a few weeks ago that they upgraded their cheat detection capabilities and that they are banning cheaters quicker due to that.

It’s apparently banning cheaters much faster because their systems are auto-detecting cheaters as opposed to just waiting for the community to rack up evidence. But they will still exist. Hopefully over time they’ll be deterred based on how quickly they’re banned.

I’m still wondering what the “cheaters” do to cheat.

they like have ping over 50ms and sponge bullets


So location has nothing to do with your ping being moderately high.

50 is honestly not that bad. It seems to be a problem 80-90+

Nope. Location is obsolete in determining your connection :joy:

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