New (and legacy) Horde Enemies

I’m sure this has been posted already, but at this point I would love to see some new Horde Enemies added into Operation 2.

The easy ones would obviously be port over the full roster of Locust and Lambent (including the generals like RAAM, Skorge, and Karn as bosses).

It would be a lot more work, but I would also like to see the UIR added as enemies. As I think it would be fun to face human enemies.

We already have some models from Gears 4 and a lot of history from the comics and novels to draw from.

It would also be nice to see the Silverback and Troika make a return.

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All nice ideas and all, but don’t count on getting it implemented.

I don’t think they will add human enemies ever on horde. You make a good point about the likes of raam etc I would enjoy fighting him as a boss like gears of war 1 in horde.

I am guessing versions of the existing enemies will most likely appear, like drones with the lancer, boltok, throwing frags etc. since we have already seen some of it in events but I would not hope for totally new enemies.

Sadly I think that’s true. TC does not care about anything but the store. Versus is a far 2nd. Horde is the last thing on their priorities list.

I would love to see RAAM and Skorge be like a tag team boss fight. Skorge flushes people out of cover with his chainsaw attacks or ink grenades while RAAM lays down suppressing fire with his troika.