New addition to the character roster

They should add Alicia Valera and receuit clayton carmine from gears 3 into gears 4.


No more characters just release 5



it wouldn’t let me like your post more than once

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Releasing Gears 5 now, will end up having alot of bugs. I for one to expect it to be released as flawless as possible :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope its half as buggy as gears 4

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probably just means don’t put any more effort into this game and throw all resources into making gears 5 incredible instead of just good.

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They have the esport event in feb so we wont
see gears 5 until probably September

I’d say November 2019. Right in time for Christmas time.

Yeah, push that thing back to 2020. Make Gears Great Again!!

If they were to release one more pack of characters, I think it would be the Onyx Guards and Prescott. People have been asking for them for so long, and I feel like it would make sense.

Hahahaha I just look for the same game engine and mechanics with bold new graphics.