New Achievements?

I’ll definitely be playing it but not as much because of Forza Horizon 4. Truth is I can buy as many games as I want but I’d never be able to play them. Other than mostly exclusives on all 3 platforms I find myself not wanting to play other games. I’m always fixated on Gears, Halo and Forza with Xbox and the other consoles games such as Super Smash Brothers, Mario, Mario Kart, Spider-Man, Last of Us, God of War and others. Multi Platforms just don’t do much for me anymore and it really sucks.

Gears, the only game that’s more broken than imaginable that can keep me from other Games.

Well hopefully we hear something next What’s Up

LOLOLOL… don’t you know that’s been the plan all along?

The Swarmak can enter impossible places all the time now. Not sure what they changed but it will even crawl into the small boltok rooms on blooddrive/checkout./etc.

The last time I played on Hotel the stupid helicopter flew into the roof of the building, got stuck and could not be hit with anything on wave 50. Dropshots, hammer of dawn, sniper strikes, regular weapons; nothing could penetrate the building’s geometry to hit it.

I have video of it somewhere. You could occasionally see the tail or main rotor stick out of the building for a split second but not long enough to do any damage to it since the hitboxes are all on the body.

This wasn’t any kind of a speedrun either. It was a super slow public match.

Pace varies according to team dps capability and size of map, for example.

I too had problems on Hotel. Stuck guardians/sentinels.

It takes a while to build them, especially as it’s all coming from our Live Team.

So you’re not holding your breath going into What’s Up every week, they’ll likely be arriving later in October or early November - so safe to say there won’t be any news for at least a couple of weeks. As soon as we’ve finalized the list, we’ll let you all know!


I see

The longer it take, the harder it will be to bring peoples to do them :confused: Lots of peoples already moved on.

Honestly its not a good idea to release achievements that longer into a game cycle. I hope you guys learn from this and focuss on releasing more in the first year instead, when the game is still hot and peoples play it.

Now they gonna be release during “Broketober” and all the good games coming up… not a good timing at all.

As for the boss in the forge, i done it once, can’t remember wich difficulty it was tough, but i do remember having burned a boss there, a carrier if i remember correctly. But thats not an easy thing.

Hopefully they can adjust the pathing for the bosses to make this something more attainable.


This burning the boss, conversation reminds me of the random guy I came across in Horde who swore he opened an operations pack containing 5 legendary cards. He had no screenshot nor video to verify his claim. (happened sometime in December 2016)

XB1 is a system where a player can easily capture anything from a game straight to shareable image/video evidence, so it just doesn’t seem very likely that it ever happened at all. In this particular instance this guy was also one of those people who bragged about spending over $700 in packs that month…

No adulation was given.

As it shouldn’t have been. That’s something to junk-punch yourself over, not brag about.

It would look really weird for a Kestrel or Brumak to be inside of the Forge. Not sure how that could work visually even if they adjusted the pathing. I haven’t seen bosses go through the spot of the map personally, but I am sure someone has. Even the Carrier is pretty large in comparison. Would much rather see an achievement for burning 5 or 10 enemies in it on Hardcore or higher and the entire group gets credit for the kills so not everyone is forgetting the focus of the game mode.

I agree. Idk If they’ll change it at this point though. Just hoping it’s not impossible, whatever they choose

Let’s forget about incinerating on Forge.

Let us play Power Rangers on those campaign “Silverbacks” against some Swarmak or that final Boss.

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Too many achievements though… ugh

Feels more like pacific rim, but whatever.

Robot Jox.

Thanks Octus! I appreciate the info!

What new info is that?

Not really new but this was the info though.