New Achievements?

I keep checking the What’s Up expecting to see an update on the community achievements and yet they are as silent as can be.

Anyone else waiting for some news on the final list? They teased a prelim one 3 weeks ago I think? I’ve been interested for some kind of news


With my luck they’ll release them the same day as Forza Horizon 4. I want to go for them when there’s nothing to do instead of once I get a new game. :confounded:

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Hahaha yeah man…its either they will come out when I get AC Odyssey or even RDR 2…even after that itll sit on the shelf before I attempt to get them


If I recall right the list they showed off a while back was the list they had selected to run with from community suggestions. They said that the plan was to run with that list and make sure each one was acceptable/possible and make any adjustments/changes they deemed necessary before making that final push.

The question keeps getting asked here every week yet nobody from TC can be bothered to post here & give us an answer.

Too busy in the company hot tub smoking cuban cigars & diving into the money vault from all the money they’ve made from pointless loot boxes!

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I’m not really excited about completing horde with 5 classic characters.

Really expected something more creative.

I’m not excited either because it’s just one of those “oh gee been there done that but hey I got to waste scrap on a character I don’t want!” type of deals.

That Forge killing boss achievement really caught my attention.

Too bad it’s probably not happening.

I’ve heard it’s not possible but then others say it is so I don’t know. It certainly was at the very least an interesting idea though and much more creative than “use these 5 characters”.


There’s proof from those who say it’s possible?

I haven’t seen any so I can’t say for sure if it’s possible.

@mendigo2005 @Krylon_Blue

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Ah. See he won’t go in there.

It won’t work with Snatcher either.

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I guess it’s not really possible then. The funny thing is the guy who came up with the idea basically said “oh they would pick the dumbest idea I posted and couldn’t test”. :joy:

Yep, I remember that.

Ha, I bet the Swarmak will make it!

Last Hotel I played (we were based outside) he passed through the building…

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By the time they come out itll be october/November. I know I wont be playing much if any of the game by then.

I’ll definitely be playing it but not as much because of Forza Horizon 4. Truth is I can buy as many games as I want but I’d never be able to play them. Other than mostly exclusives on all 3 platforms I find myself not wanting to play other games. I’m always fixated on Gears, Halo and Forza with Xbox and the other consoles games such as Super Smash Brothers, Mario, Mario Kart, Spider-Man, Last of Us, God of War and others. Multi Platforms just don’t do much for me anymore and it really sucks.

Gears, the only game that’s more broken than imaginable that can keep me from other Games.

Well hopefully we hear something next What’s Up