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I think this is just a ploy to keep us playing their game until GOW 5 comes out…I mean from the negative feedback seeing here, they may lose more players because of these achievements


That’s all it is, desperation. Yet instead of actually thinking of fun things to do which take time they just settle with this game ruining bore of an achievement.

I shudder to think what else they have in store as this is just the start…

I never thought I’d say this about this series but I’m now looking forward to an announcement for Gears 5 at E3. Not because I can’t wait to play it but because it will mean these achievements they keep adding in a desperate attempt to bring people back will be coming to an end.

Before anyone accuses me of moaning. I currently have all achievements for this game but I still play ranked games regularly. Specifically Escalation as it’s the only mode I get any enjoyment out of (when half of my team doesn’t decide to quit that is).

Therein lies another problem for me, if I want to get these ribbons with a Longshot, I’m going to either have to (a) Be MVP and lose a round so I can place the weapon of my choice or (b) Win the round as you’re supposed to and hope someone on the enemy team places it for me. Social Quickplay and Core Modes just don’t do it for me I’m afraid. Largely due to the weapon tuning and the drop in/drop out nature of the games.

TC have only shown there hand with one of these weapon based achievements and I can already safely say, these are going to ruin games in a lot of ways.

Also, to the people who say ‘you don’t have to complete the game’ or ‘nobody is forcing you to get every achievement’, whilst that is true, personally, I’ve sank 600+ hours into this game. I’d estimate half of that time was getting all of the achievements and the other half was for fun. It will be very hard for anyone at this stage who’s put in similar amounts of time to say, ‘okay, forget it, I’m done’. Whilst not everyone will understand that way of thinking. That’s how a lot of people will feel over this.

Like I said, I still play the game regularly despite having all achievements. I actually prefer playing multiplayer without having things I’d consider to be a distraction but that’s just me. What I would say to TC is that if you can’t think of anything fun/original to add to your game achievement wise then maybe stop adding stuff altogether and just focus on making the game work and let that do the talking.


I still think GOW 5 won’t happen this year…I do like getting achievements myself but I won’t be attempting the VS because well I hate playing online…I’ll get the Horde but that’s it…I only have 33 hours of VS playtime since the game has been out

Thanks for the great feedback everyone. Lots of the discussion here is rich and is useful to us, thanks for being mostly constructive. I’m going to drop some honest conversation in here to keep this going:

’Luck Based Nature of the Longshot Achievement
Okay so first up, my comment stands. This isn’t luck based. There are some elements involved but both are highly common in Versus - Longshot pickups and players rolling. These aren’t anywhere near as rare as the Ole ribbon for example, where you have to grenade tag a Retro charging enemy.

What we do agree with in this feedback is maybe the number of Super ribbons is too high based on the skill involved in pulling it off COMBINED with those circumstances - and we’re definitely open to potentially reviewing that. We were aware we were setting the bar high when we made it. But let me provide a little insight into why it is where it is right now.

We have some really avid Versus players asking us for bigger challenges to prove themselves against. The Mastery list, which is our second to last achievement set (the last will be designed solely by all of you in an upcoming opportunity), is meant to be about proving you have something - well - mastered.

When you look at the Longshot achievement, it’s by far the hardest in the set and we acknowledge that. But we also want it to be something that feels earned and takes time - and most importantly, skill - to earn. At this stage of the game, we don’t want to throw in achievements that you complete in a day without thinking about them.

Again, this isn’t us defending where the Longshot achievement now - we are open to reviewing it once we’ve seen how it does in the wild - I’m just explaining the reasoning for the initial design. We toned down the 10K kills achievement based on feedback and plenty of people have come out since to say they wished it wasn’t as low as 5K. So it’s a balance.

Adding Achievements Without Content
One of the other pieces of feedback that’s clear here is around adding achievements without new content. As we’ve mentioned before, major feature support for Gears 4 ended in October and we have a small Live Team working to support the game as best they can.

Achievements are one way, in combination with our Weapon Skin Challenges, we can provide players with something to pursue if they choose. Don’t like these? That’s okay! Don’t go for them. Our previous achievements have received similar criticism because they aren’t earnable in a day, but we’ve seen a lot of people actively work for them after their release and be proud to show them off.

This is the one bit we’ll completely hold our hands up to - our game is not completionist friendly unless you’re willing to play a LOT of Gears in a LOT of different ways (and with a decently high degree of skill).

We made the conscious decision to provide new challenges for different types of players post-launch at the cost of making 100% completion considerably harder. Our goal hasn’t been to do push the bar for 100% chasers, rather it’s been to provide new challenges for different kinds of players. Just today I had someone tweeting how much they liked the Inconceivable Solo achievement, but many other’s don’t. Again, it’s a balance between player wants across Campaign, Versus and Horde.

We definitely have learned a lot from this approach and we don’t think our achievements has been perfect by any means. But we chose to go down this path last October, and we’re happier providing new goals for players who want them than none at all.

Keep the discussion coming and - again - thanks for your great thoughts so far.

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As we’ve said many times before, we have exceeded - consistently for over half a year now - Gears 3’s playerbase at the same time in it’s life cycle. This is out of a desire to give players new goals to chase should they want them.

I personally feel the Horde achievements we’ve been going for lately do provide new ways to play - ‘Do You Even Lift?’ is a great example of that to my mind.

Versus is the tough one to design for in terms of providing new ways to play, so we tend to focus more on proving your skills in Versus.

Well, there it is. You guys broke me. This is my limit. I give. You win, TC.

I was sort of hoping that this would be the one Gears game that I would have completed, but it seems like that won’t be the case. That’s okay I guess, I was planning on winding down how much I play anyways and abandoning the hunt is probably the healthiest way to do so.

Thank you for making the decision easier for me - as always, your sincerity is appreciated.

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These achievements will only encourage poor gameplay and bad team behavior. Selfish people going for ribbons instead of completing objectives. I imagine several people will end up ruining social matches by trying to get in a lobby with a buddy and grind these out. Morons will also likely start shoving, stand in front of you so you can’t aim, trap you in corners, etc, and demanding you trade weapons with them just like with frags on Raven Down (where they trap you in the truck until you swap out for your smoke).


… and that would be me! :grinning:

But I’m not selfish… I’m a customer just like everyone else. I’ve plunked down my $100 back in October of '16 and plan to enjoy the game just like I’ve done with all the others. Some people play Versus exclusively, some people play Horde exclusively (like myself) and I am also an achievement completionist. If that mean I must venture in to a ranked match to get the map and particular weapon I need to get the achievement I am going after… then so be it. Once I get my achievement I will no longer venture into that part of the game unless I have another incentive to do so (weapon skin, new achievement).

You haven’t answered the main concern though, what about people who intentionally ruing games because they missed there chance at a long shot pickup? You talk so much about being anti quitter but this only incentivizes see the behaviour.


I can believe that, i’ve personally put in over 800 hours since launch and that’s way more than I put in to Gears 3. However I just think you have the balance slightly off between what is actually a challenge and what is too circumstantial to be fun. I don’t want to feel like I have to just sit with a sniper and only fire when people roll with this at the back of my mind, it just doesn’t mesh well with how people play the game. When you need to go out of your way to do something in versus, it’s detrimental to the fun. I have all achievements bar the last 1000 kills for slaying it, so I like to think I have a good grasp on what is and isn’t a well crafted challenge after some of the stuff i’ve been put through.

I have no real issue with the horde ones, I don’t play horde much as after grinding to re-up 10 I find it extremely boring. But I don’t mind jumping back in to do the new achievements when they arrive and that’s me done again, so that’s fine. Keep thinking up new ways to play to make sure it’s kept fresh.

Is getting 10 longshot supers actually proving skill if it is detrimental to your team? If it makes you lose the game i’d say it’s the exact opposite. Winning 25 comp matches, that proves skill, that was just for playing the game and trying to win like usual. I’d honestly rather it be 30 hat trick ribbons than even needing just 1 super as it fits the intended use of the weapon and won’t interfere with the game.

I’m also not sure where these players are that are asking for this as I can’t see any of them here saying ‘Good job’. I’m not asking for an easy achievement, I get the logic of having something to attain and work for over time but getting 10 supers with a longshot isn’t something you can really plan to do, it’s something to pray you get lucky enough to run into to the chagrin of your team. It’s not luck based to the point of RNG but as it’s something you may never unlock due to circumstances it has no part in the game.

Another issue is that due to the way monetisation works in this game, you don’t want to give new skins or anything away for free as a reward so you are pushed to include these as achievements. I feel if we had the medal reward system like Gears 3 this wouldn’t be an issue but I understand it’s towards the end of the life cycle so all skins have likely been made already and planned for packs.

TL;DR - This achievement doesn’t really prove skill when you look at it logically and ruins the teamwork aspect of the game


They said there will be one more set of achievements after these. But they will be comprised of community ideas.

I for one love the fact you’re addimg more achievements TC! Crazy how many people are upset over not getting 100% on a game.

It’s the story with no end.

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@TC_Octus Don’t you think achievements like the sniper one are going to make players change the way they play just to try and get the achievements, potentially ruining matches for the rest of us.

Hmmm, I have five of these ribbons, In almost two years.

I have over 4000 MVP ribbons and over 4100 Quint ribbons. Yeah this is pretty luck based if I can have at least 20,500 kilss and only five are Super ribbons.

New achievements will be released next week and they will detail them this week in What’s Up

We can never have enough.


15 ‘Mastery achievements’, I’ll guess we have to unlock them with each weapon (Very difficult with the sniper). Plus the horde challenge.

I hope not to be honest