New achievements

I don’t think TC will ever admit they are wrong with the difficulty of that achievement…remember they aren’t luck based according to them

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A couple more thoughts/opinions that are important but kind of got lost in my last post:

Getting a super with Longshot in my opinion is both luck and skill based. Skill can increase your chances of getting it, but luck is pretty well always a factor especially in a genuine public versus match where nothing is controlled. And you’ve got lag to deal with as well.

Decreasing number of supers from 10 to 2 sounds good, but I believe (speculate) that it could INCREASE the problem. Given how impossible it would be for your average completionist to obtain that achievement they may just give up on it and not even try. But if only 2 are needed it may give some people more incentive to persevere and attempt it, thereby increasing the prevelance of the problem/affect on natural gameplay


That is a very well thought out post. I love when people examine solutions and consider what consequences could occur.

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It sounds like they made the mistake of committing to something before giving players a fair chance to offer feedback.

This exact same thing happened several months ago in light of the “Seriously Old-School/Slaying It” achievement. Based on their own words, it was “too late” to reverse the decision, but did end up making an 11th hour decision by changing the requirements to make it easier to swallow in the eyes of the community.


That’s exactly it. The first part of my question was a restatement of what Octus had said during the stream. That is a player dies during the game, then using Team Revive to bring them back wouldn’t count towards the achievement because a player had already died. There was no confusion on that part. My question was regarding how Octus stated the answer. @TC_Octus didn’t say that the achievement was nullified due to a player dying, he said that the achievement was nullified due to using Team Revive.

So that’s why I want clarification. If your teammates are DNBO (not dead) and you use Team Revive to pick them all up before they die, can you still get the achievement.

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Exactly what I’ve been saying. So far a lot of the recent decisions by TC have been made ‘based on community feedback’. And that’s where I’m concerned because without concrete evidence, TC could say absolutely anything and still say it was based on community feedback. I revived my old thread about lack of use of the Official Gears Feedback Program and you can see about it here: Gears Feedback Program. Give it a read and like if you can, let me know what you think. I’m trying to get TC to read it and provide a better response.

Just curious… how difficult would it be to create weekly special event playlist(s) that targets a specific weapon relevant to these new achievements?

Either make all pickups the same weaon (ex: Longshot), or start off with the weapon and all pickups are ammo boxes.

I feel this would be beneficial to the achievement completionists and will keep us for the most part away from those concerned with their rank and team play.

… or is this more trouble than it’s worth?


God I hope this is the last batch of achievements for this game, it’s starting to get really exhausting having to come back and slog through achievement after achievement.If Tc are really that set on bringing this game to 4000g , make the last set simple and creative like completing 25 or 50 waves of horde as a team of e day characters or getting killed 100 times as a carmine character.

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That’s not even an official achievement and that’s worse than anything they put out.


As a UK player myself, I also have been in this situation and in this mode as well.

I can’t wait to go waiting an hour for a game of Escalation, only to be put on a West US server, and if I do bad, I get roasted by my teammates, and if I do good, I get cheater reports and messages to that effect.

Also, off-topic, I like the FC in your profile picture. Moving on.


Adding achievements as challenges that will ruin certain playlists is not the way. If you want people to play your game, add content. Not achievements that just annoy people. I cannot believe this. TC, a AAA developer, 20 months into a game, is adding achievements to keep people playing their game, without adding any content.

Your post-launch content and the quality of the content, has been nothing more than shocking.

You have made me, a die-hard Gears fan, a person who pre-ordered the UE of this game from part of my University savings, a person who loves this series to death, hate the prospect of playing this game.

If that’s not an indication that things need changing, especially seeing some of the responses in this thread, then we are in trouble.

Because I’m questioning whether I should buy the next Gears game at this rate.


They don’t want to as from “community feedback” people want something to work towards when playing. Even though if they want this they don’t HAVE to boost it., So essentially they are here to force people to play however well they try to hide it, so private matches aren’t an option for their agenda.

Much of it is online. It’s a combination of Facebook, Twitter, various Reddits, forums and other message boards.

1, Yes.
2. Yes.
3. No-one can die (ie. drop COG tags) at any time. It’s not about completing the wave with everyone alive, rather, it’s about everything surviving the whole thing.

So using team revive to pick up a DBNO player and give spawn protection is fine as long as no one is dead?

We’ve conceded that the number of times we were asking you to pull off a high-skill feat was too high.

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Actually, in that case, we think we made the wrong call to listen as early as we did. We actually had a higher volume of feedback from people disappointed it was lowered than we did calling for it to be changed. Again, everything is a balance.

It’s a valid question.

Every challenge we make takes 3+ weeks from development to live - the vast majority of which is steps beyond our own development. It’s actually surprisingly lengthy.

For a number of reasons, consistently adding Challenges would be extremely complex to organize and manage. It’s why we have yet to do Horde Challenges rather than Horde Boss Loot drops - because the Versus ones interrupt that process.


Correct. As long as they did not go from Down -> Dead and then were revived.

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Thanks for the clarification! May well be worth having that Team res card on.

Again, no. You’re only ‘forced’ if you are dead set on 100% achievements in Gears 4. And that’s up to you. We just wanted to provide more goals for players to pursue if they wish to do so.

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I think this topic has run its course and I’m not sure there’s much else to discuss.

It’s been made perfectly clear how the developers planned on supporting the game through the course of its lifecycle and we can safely conclude how they will continue to do so in the future. While I personally would have preferred there to be a stopping point in this area much sooner, it appears that the interests of the game would be better served by doing things differently – and I accept that.

The unfortunate consequence here is that if after this long into the game’s run, your main interest is to “complete” the game, you’d better enjoy every second or have incredible patience.

Knowing what I do now, I would have stopped trying long ago. I don’t know about the rest of you, but investing hundreds of hours into a single game is a lot of time, especially with the lack of substantial content along the way. At the points when it didn’t feel all that great, I pushed on under the belief that the end was in sight. It sure would have been nice to have 100% at least one Gears game, preferably this one because looking towards the future, being able to do so again would be impossible for me. I don’t intend to play as much as I do now forever.

Still, this discussion has proven both useful and instructive. Speaking strictly for myself, I am appreciative of the dialogue we’ve received; I know what to anticipate and will adjust my expectations accordingly.

I look forward for more to come.