New achievements

I’ll try that horrendous LFG.


TC, You say you listen to customer feedback but most of the time, I feel you guys completely miss the point.

You say you won’t change things based on speculation based discussion yet I sometimes think you forget the community you’re addressing here. Most of us have been playing Gears games for over a decade now. We know how achievements like these can have a negative impact on games. We’ve seen it on past Gears games, we’ve seen it on this game too.

Even people in this thread have given you numerous examples but it seems to go over your head. Someone else mention it earlier but I also remember having to capture 10 meatflags on Gears of War 2. Your team was meant to assist you but the amount of people that would let you die or screw you over was unreal. It was an example of a bad achievement. Who else remembers the ones from Halo 3? Having to get kills with certain weapons (Shotgun, Sword spree) etc. Nothing like picking up a weapon then getting a beatdown from behind/betrayal from your own ‘team mate’ as they want the weapon/achievement first. Granted betrayals can’t happen in Gears but believe me if they could then some people would do it. I said myself earlier when I was trying to finish off my Mulcher kills I had one of my own team mates throwing smoke grenades at me so I couldn’t see just because he wanted the weapon. These things do happen in games. We’re not all making it up.

In all of my years gaming, I’ve never seen a developer that seems to put their head in the sand so much. Eg. How many people can say a Super is luck based and you will argue it to you’re blue in the face that it’s not. Well it IS! Fact.

The stuff you say like, well I got 2 supers last night really doesn’t help the situation either. That will just more than likely rub people up the wrong way even further.

One last thing, you mention how you never see any of what we’re all talking about in your games… of course you don’t. If you guys there at TC run together in a group then I imagine everyone else in the game is on their best behaviour. Next you’ll be telling us that you’ve never seen anyone quit a game before either. Try being me in the UK and searching for an Escalation game for 20 minutes only to get in and have your entire team quit after 2 rounds and then be in a 1vs5 situation to go on and lose the game 7-0. I count myself lucky these days if I can play a game of Escalation without at least 1 person on my team quitting out. Just play on a team you say? I’d love to but all of my friends gave up on this game a long time ago. I mean it’s great that you’ve recently brought in all these new longer/extended bans recently but that feels like too little too late. The games been out how long now & feels like it’s coming to the end of it’s life cycle.

Apologies if that just seems like a mindless rant but like a lot of people on here, I love this series but it generally worries me to see the direction it’s gone/going in.

I see a lot of people on here who will criticize people for b*tching/moaning just for voicing an opinion but Gears fans are a passionate bunch and it’s one of the things I like about it tbh. If we see BS, we will call it.

Anyway, I appreciate TC Octus posting in here to explain a few things even if I don’t agree with everything you said. I just sincerely hope lessons have been learned and that they can be carried across for your next game.


Actually all three of them are private only since Lift (not Apex) has a 0% “drop rate”.

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Oh… Nice.

Coalition keeps amazing me.

Funny, no? First they put random cards on wave 25 or 30, 40, 50 for us to go public.

And now this.

This game is honestly one big chore to play and that’s because it’s set up as a “Games as a Service”.

It requires players to keep coming back daily, for months at a time, in the hopes that you can keep the game lively and active all while making money through interactions like lootboxes.

I mean, every aspect of this game from top to bottom has been stretched to make it a longer ordeal than it needs to be.

  • Campaign had achievements and difficulty levels added to make it longer and more challenging so people have a reason to play again and again. But that loses it’s luster when you do it multiple times through a set of new achievements with a similar concept ex: “finish campaign w/ Gnasher and Lancer only”, “finish campaign on insane”, “finish campaign on Ironman” etc. You also don’t unlock anything for doing any of this.

  • Multiplayer aspects of the game are locked behind grinding for credits to then RNG your way to characters and skins, with zero unlocks by simply playing the game (campaign or multi). It’s all based on a system of grinding and getting lucky, meant to pad out the play-time and investment by the player.

  • Horde has it’s cards locked behind the same lootbox system based on luck through RNG even though the cards are more than cosmetics. You actually need cards in order to upgrade your chances at victory etc.

I just wish Gears 4 had less of a emphasis on making it feel like a chore and put more attention to making it fun.

Playing the old Gears games, I wasted countless hours doing the same thing this game is asking me to do (re: play the game for months on end) and yet I never felt like it was a chore.

I initially thought I just got tired of GoW after a decade of playing the franchise, but UE disproves that. GoW UE pretty much solidified that opinion for me as I enjoyed getting 1000/1000gs on that, where the only thing the game asked me to do was play the game as is. And yet it was a blast in 2006 and it was a blast in GoWUE.

I have nothing against TC wanting more people to play their game and the aspects of their game that often aren’t given a second glance by a large majority. But does it have to feel so forced, so tedious and absolutely boring?

Every. Single. Aspect. of this game feels so anti-fun to me that I find myself burned out on the franchise, desperately hoping GoW5 or a new off-shoot can reignite my desire to hop onto this game every day.



Exactly. That’s also why I made a thread dealing specifically about Community Feedback to TC since so many of their recent decisions have been ‘made based on community feedback’. Check it out here: Gears Feedback Program. My problem boils down to: where exactly is TC getting their ‘community feedback’ from and in what quantity if it isn’t from the Official Gears Feedback Program?

I couldn’t agree more.

@TC_Octus @anon86589457. Now, I do have some questions regarding the new achievements based on the stream today.

  1. For the Lancer, will getting a Chainsaw kill count towards the 500 points needed per match?
  2. For the new achievements requiring kill streaks without dying (i.e. Gnasher, Retro, etc), will the count stack the longer you stay alive? Meaning if you kill 9 enemies without dying will that count 3 times towards the achievement or will the player need to die after the 3rd kill in order to get another set of 3 kills to count?
  3. For The Perfect Run, you stated during the stream that using Team Revive would nullify the achievement. I’m guessing you meant that regarding the situation if someone died and a player used Team Revive to bring them back. If someone goes down and a player uses Team Revive to revive them does that nullify the achievement as well?
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“Complete a 25 or 50 wave variant of Private Horde on Insane difficulty without ever spending power at the Fabricator”

Is that just you or is that the whole team? Cause just me its fine, but if the whole team can’t spend anything, that will be a problem.

In theory you could get all 3 horde achievements in the same match. Maybe i can find a team willing to run 50 waves so i can knock out school of 08 at the same time (Pretty much all of my friends list has moved on from gears)

I’m also wondering about the post above mine, can no power be spent all match, or just the player can’t spend?

That’s an interesting point and something I wanted to bring up myself. I’d like to know how TC are going to handle the voting on these community achievements in the next/final batch?

Hopefully there will be ways to ensure it’s actually fans/people who play the game. I already know that over on other achievement sites this game has become kind of a running joke for people who don’t play the game so in theory, we could end up with people who don’t even play this game voting for the most absurd achievements imaginable. Although in saying that, I think that will happen now anyway so I will brace myself for the worst.

I can just see it now, achievements for Wings 10, max every Horde card, Win 1000 competitive ranked games etc etc. People will complain and TC response will be ‘well you guys asked for it’ when in reality, nobody did.

I really don’t understand where they are getting their feedback from tbh. Anywhere you look online, you’ll struggle to find a positive reaction to pretty much any ‘new’ achievements they have added. I will never understand the reasons they give for not making achievements retroactive either other than to keep people playing the game and spending money on loot boxes.

It would be nice if I turned the game on next week and even if just 1 or 2 of the 15 achievements unlocked then I could think ‘cool, that’s one less weapon to worry about’. I have no problem playing ranked games in Gears 4 but feeling like I have to play the game a certain way is always a big turn off for me in any multiplayer game.


I’m going to say the whole team

I’d like to think the whole team…I mean it’s easy not to spend any money on yourself in Horde…just run scout and you’re set…but I doubt that’s the case here

Very good questions.

I think the act of dying first would be enough to nullify the perfect run achievement.

I think for #3 once you die that’s it…a revive still means you died and it brings you back to life

Not what he was asking. Team revive makes a DBNO player stand up and gives the team spawn protection. He wanted to know if the achievement also banned that (ie team revive is banned for the achievement outright), or whether its simply that a single death ruins the run.

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Why would it ruin it though? DBNO, you’re not dead…I have a feeling it’s a single death and that’s it

Again, he said that Octus mentioned team revive would nullify the achievement. So he wanted to clarify whether that was actually the case, or whether Octus meant that you couldn’t use it to cheat when a player had already died (incase the achievement counted dead players at the end of the wave for example.).

Edit: Logically it shouldn’t ruin the achievement, but if it was built the way that was implied, it may well do so. Which would have an impact on what cards players would take into the match.

Right right…I still feel though it wouldn’t if you don’t die but we will have to wait until he clarifies it unless he doesn’t and we will just have to try it out

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I am tempted to try it out first and see if we still get the achievement. But then it may be a lot of effort for no reward other than to satisfy curiously.

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I have some concerns and would like to share my, hopefully, constructive thoughts to the discussion:

By decreasing the number required from 10 to 2, you seem to have either conceded that we’re correct in that it will affect gameplay (which you have not admitted or agreed that it will) or youre appeasing in some way. If you really thought it didn’t affect gameplay why lower to 2? If you’re just trying to make us happy, why not remove completely?

I think anyone with a brain can figure out that it would be super difficult to prove that it disrupts gameplay. But does that mean it won’t?

My logic simply tells me that it will, somehow, somewhere. How much so? Who knows. But why take the chance at all by adding the achievement?

You can’t read random players minds and know why they’re behaving the way they are. Sure, we could come up with some circumstantial evidence such as this player had every achievement except Longshot (we’d have to take the time to look at their stats) and this person went for Longshot every time and didn’t kill a single person with it. This person didn’t peak their head out to revive or capture a hill. What is that proving? You can’t read their mind. But that no revive, or that no hill capture, or that deterimental smoke could be the reason. And could have a snowball/domino affect to potentially affect the outcome of a match, affect people’s ranks, etc. We just can’t prove it.

So why risk it?

Just like you can’t prove that more loot box sales are due to you adding these achievements. It’s just speculation on your part.

Speculation can’t always be ignored, right?