New achievements out now


(TOF brothers) #1

I logged onto my Xbox and unlocked the wings 1 achievement (as did 0.03% of gamers)

(API) #2

Side note, that achievement is so stupid

(ll R E D l) #3

As most of these new ones are. I feel like I’ve been saying this a lot lately and that is TC dropped the ball again. There were so many more good achievements in that thread and the 1s they chose are lackluster. I think the 1 where EVERY teammate has to pull the horn on Harbor is the WORST of them all.

(Krylon Blue) #4

That one isn’t that difficult at least. I’ll just play with friends and when Harbor pops up we will do it. But I see your point as it’s circumstantial and anyone playing with fandoms will likely never get it.

(EVIL 0NE) #5

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(EVIL 0NE) #6