New Achievement

Ok I know that the new achievements that are coming out are sort of finalized but I was thinking of a really good one that absolutely should be in the game: No One’s Fixing You-Kill X Enemies With The Repair Tool. Is it possible to try to get this added to the list or looked at for consideration at all?

Not likely as the submission process is over and the list of achievements has already been preliminary revealed. Not a bad idea though.


This has been suggested already

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its the only way i play as engineer. im getting really good with it actually.

IKR?! lol!

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lol i was playing casual having fun doing stupid stuff like this last night so yes and no. :laughing:

I have been able to get some kills with it on insane. Mostly Juvies but sometimes if my team weakens something enough I can finish it off or if it is the last enemy I can do it. I makes me more happy than it should lol.

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