New Achievement Questions

It would seem obvious that the Re-up 50 achievement will be retroactive but what about the rest? @TC_Shauny can we have confirmation of any other achievements being retroactive? Also for Seriously 5.0 Chapter 2 will the Operation 8 - Drop 2 maps count towards the achievement? Again, this is probably obvious but just wanting confirmation.

One other thing is that I’ve only ever counted 31 hives. How does The Hive - Past Hive still exist? There’s nothing different about it compared to The Hive and it seems like a duplication error, like something carried over from when the Weekly and Past Hives naming was in use.

On a final note - some older achievements still have old descriptions i.e. character levels, which I believe should be updated to be more accurate. Some even had achievement tile updates to display a class symbol even though the achievement is not class dependant.

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Based on this I assume he simply doesn’t know how they implemented it for each achievement.

Seeing that old achievements have been retroactive already though, I assume some of these will be too.

Having to reset Re-Up levels and class levels would be kinda weird…

EDIT: Looks like he’s going to ask for some answers now regarding that.


Excellent. I’d be surprised if these achievements didn’t track past progress. I mean, there have been lots of retroactive achievements in previous updates so you’d think many of them would apply this time around too.

Also to the OP - I suspect that Seriously 5.0 pt2 will require mastery of the future Op 8 Drop 2 maps too. It would be weird for those two maps to be left out. And Year Of The Scorpion was previously released but not unlockable immediately as the remaining Escape hives had not been released yet.

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Yeah, it would be weird. And that’s very true about the Escape hives.

Another annoying thing is horde maps that I mastered back in OP1-3, have not been check-marked as mastered in my in game stats since the start of OP 7. Same goes for a lot of the hives. So now I have to re-do them in order to get this achievement.

Oh well I guess

Edit: just checked my stats on Gears 5’s website, and that seems to be showing accurately. I still wonder how that’ll effect my progress for Seriously 5.0 chapter 2

Not like it really matters since i expect to get there anyways at the end of OP8….I am curious if the achievements end up going live a day early can you log in and get the 25 legend in the tour achievement using your OP7 progress?


Now I’m ■■■■■■■ mad that they stole 60+ million XP from me and everyone else who was Re-up 50 level 100 before the re-up changes.

As a heads up, going to see if we can do a clarification post on retroactive stuff, we’ll see :slight_smile:


I just want a clarification. I saw your tweet where you said you don’t track any XP beyond re-up 50. What about people who were re-up 50 before the re-up XP changes? We were at 82 million XP. Is that 60+ million XP confirmed to be gone? Because if that’s the case, that’s nuts.

I would love for TC to surprise us all and give that XP back, even though people would hit 60 immediately.

Given the monetisation of the XP system, don’t hold your breath haha!

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It’s very bad practice to be honest. It’s one thing to not count XP past max level, but to actively steal XP away from players? That’s a ■■■■ move.

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This is exactly what i was asking. I’m hoping that can fix ingame stats to match our online stats.


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It’s one thing to take it away. It’s another, to then add more levels months after the fact.

They should’ve named the achievement “We Needed More Boo$t $ale$”


It was to be expected, many people thought TC would do that. (Take away XP and then add new re-ups).

And you are also right: only for selling boost.