New Acheivment/Ribbon Idea

So let’s discuss the flash-bang grenade.

When you tag the grenade to an enemy, say, a drone, the flash-bang will down said enemy. This knowledge set me on a wild journey.

First, I experimented with seeing if the flashbang would cause damage when tagged- for instance, could it kill enemies?

Yes. Yes it does, and yes it can.

I have since acquiring this knowledge set myself upon a challenge of wild feats involving flash-bang tag kills.

Everything from bosses- to leeches.

So far my best flash-bang tag kills have been on a guardian, a sentinel, and a snatcher. I’m still hunting the other baddies with this method!

I can’t understand for the life of me why this hasn’t been made an acheivment or a ribbon, and I think it would be a really fun/silly challenge to offer a slight reward for in the form of a ribbon/achievement.

Perhaps something like

Kill a flying enemy with a flash-bang

or, perhaps, since flusher type enemies can be killed via tag or throw rather easily in comparison

Kill 2 or more flusher type enemies with a single flashbang.

Something to think about.

I’ve done some whacky shenanigans with flashes, and I think it would be fun for anyone who tries it.

I can’t explain how satisfying it was when I finally got those guardian/sentinel flash tag kills, and the snatcher made me lol for a few minutes.

Seems you have a lot of time to kill.

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I just love the sandbox that horde is maine

That reminds me of when I would throw Flashbangs into Flocks doing the “tornado” move to disrupt them(does not seem to work with a single one on Incon or Master though) and get a bunch of Leech kills from it. And a load of “No Smoking” ribbons as well, even though the ribbon used to be, and by name would still seem to be, a Smoke kill. I’d been lead onto that it does a tiny amount of it upon throwing one at an enemy by this, and the fact that health bars show when an enemy is flashed.

Try tagging a Flock with it(Matriarchs or Wardens will be harder unless you stun or freeze them first). If that’s even possible. Things like this reminds me of when I spent time chasing after Guardians and Sentinels with frags to tag them in Gears 4, only rarely succeeding in it when they had their backs turned(most of the time) and were hovering near the ground somewhere like in a Blood Drive corridor. Always good for a chuckle… sadly, grenade tags had limited effectiveness on bosses even with damage boosts for them.

Fyi, I’ll eventually get around to responding to your post in the different thread eventually(when I have more time to, as it might be a long one), now that the possibility for constructive discussions has been opened and your post has brought a few things I used to do back in Gears 4s Horde I no longer do in 5s.

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Yea idk how that ribbon works either, I didn’t include it because I didn’t even remember, low and behold I described it to a T here.

I suppose we need more info, but I posted it in the ribbon thread anyways for now. Maybe someone will comment about it

I could try to look into it further, but with the removal of the War Journal and its associated ribbon descriptions, the only way to find any clues would be to check the Ribbons section post-match if you obtain No Smoking. Maybe I’ll do that when it happens in the future.

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Yea the loss of the war journal was a major blow to the game’s informational availability.

Let’s hope they bring it back eventually. I believe I read on it somewhere when people asked nodezero on his personal forum thread(to which he yet hasn’t come back to after taking a break for personal things going on in his life, and Operation 2s release). It may also be of interest that he mentioned there being a possibility of more Horde difficulties in the future, but it’s a vague memory so may not be 100% reliable, and he didn’t give any details for that either. Was going to mention this in my admittedly rather big post in the Horde thread but it slipped my mind so here it is. Do not recall who it was that asked the question so if it was you, you’re already aware and me mentioning this is likely pointless if that’s the case.

No no I remember the same comments, but who knows if that was a passing whim by him or not, or perhaps we are both mis-remembering.

@N0DEZER0 Care to comment?

Will there be higher/new difficulty modifiers in the works down the road?
War journal?

I just thought a reminder would be there. But I don’t think he said anything for certain, but rather that some ideas or suggestions would be forwarded by him to the team. I guess we’ll just have to wait n see. There’s still patch notes due for TU4 next week so who knows what’s gonna be in that update.