New accounts and rank jumps

Hey guys, so i wanted to share something with you. there has been some debate about how long the matchmaking “trueskill” (backround) system goes back to track your progress. wins/losses, your performance amongst your team and other players etc, etc. i have always played gears of war from day one, but about 10 months ago i started playing again after about 3 years, i had a very busy lifestyle for a while. nevertheless, when i started up playing again i wasnt doing too hot, not to mention gow4 was new to me.i played versus with a lot of energy but didnt have my skills up and didnt have good friends to play with. today iam onyx2, and in my opinion (i know it sounds biased), deserving of a higher rank.

all of the crappy games with crappy points against terrible teams for months and months until i got my game up “potentially” hurt me. if my ranking progress is taking into account all of my performance from day one on this game, then i understand that its difficult to grow up. its like im fighting against my “old self” when i performed more poorly. i know that it takes into account your previous performances when judging your current progress. your history informs the present.

NOW, i know a few people that have made new accounts to test this out. if i start if from match one playing like a “onyx2” whatever that is… then maybe i can grow higher, and also more accurately, hypothetically. this has worked for my other friends and one in particular has gone up to o3 if not diamond fairly easily. the reason i am so interested in this is because each weekend i play with my friends online, we are a really tight team we all play well together, and im not kidding we have weekends where we sometimes just dont lose at all. each weekend im playing about 30-40 games in 2 days, and losing 5 matches in total MAXIMMUM. in all of this i sometimes drop a tiny bit from the losses but i hardly ever grow any percentage at all. this has been happening for a long time now and i feel like onyx 3 shouldnt be this difficult to get, i mean like what more must i do? this is not a complainging post about the ranking system, im just wondeing if anyone has ever experimented with creating new accounts and having success with climbing to an equal or higher level than before?

thanks all :slight_smile:

Yes it takes previous ranking into account. My friend used his GSQ account for the first time in over a year and we immediately got put into a mostly diamond lobby. He said it always does that because it remembers previous rankings.

As far as ranking up goes, playing with a squad can work both for and against you in terms of rank. The top couple players will skyrocket in rank if you’re winning. The lower players will not since the system expects you to win and if you have good players grabbing most of the kills before you can, you don’t get much promotion.

If I go KOTH solo I often MVP and commonly get promotions over 10% (got 15% off 1 win yesterday). If I play with my diamond ranked friends in a full squad, I’ll get around 2% for placing 3rd in the lobby.

If I lose solo I might go down 1 to 3%,maybe not at all. If I lose on a squad with diamonds, I get hammered with heavy demotions. I joke with my friends that I play solo to repair loss in rank I get from playing with them (not really but it works out that way). :smile:

interesting… yea i always play with the same 6-7 people. we are all ranged from onyx 2 - D1… like all play together all day, so it kind of balances out, we all take turns getting placed well with mvp’s and so on. we’re all pretty decent players and we compliment each others style so its very balanced at the end of the day. thx for your input man, i just feel like if im ranked as an o2 with a NEW account its fair, cuz im playing as an “O2”… but being stuck at it now when im merking o3’s and diamond players doesnt necessarily seem fair. the season i started with i only placed at o1, and it was difficult to get cuz i was getting my skill back. now im MUCH better and stuck so, this will be an interesting experiment!

When I started versus I had no idea what I was doing, I’d do mostly KOTH, just cap and break and walk around with the chainsaw revved up. I died. A lot.
I still have a deficit of 10,000 deaths from that time (0.82 K/D). I’m finding that trying to rank up now is like pulling teeth…

I setup a new account for my son to play his games, and out of curiosity I jumped onto Gears on his account. I went FLYING through the ranks, on all of the game modes (koth, tdm, dodge, etc). Playing same way, with the same people, etc…

So feels like there is a brake on my progression on the main account, due to the performance very early on, in earlier seasons… Which is, IMO, total BS…

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I completely agree, interesting that many people have this experience. Where u able to reach a higher rank than ur original account?

I was able to get to gold3 without too much of a problem in TDM and KOTH on the new account… I eventually clawed my way to that level on the original account also, but with a LOT more effort and games and wins, etc…

I don’t think I’ll break onyx this season, but maybe next one…

Ah i see, yea this is my 2nd season on this game. Got onux 1 last season and got o2 this season with some work, but now i cant get past o2 and man its brutal… im performing so well very consistently, so we’ll see just how much “better” it is. If i dont see a huge difference, back to my original account :wink:

It’s just simple logic that somebody playing on a new account might be able to get slightly higher than they actually are because all of the bronze/silver/gold players in their earlier matches have inflated their stats. They will then start getting matched against harder opponents and eventually their stats will normalise where they will hit a wall and fall into their normal tier.

There is a lot of “we” did this “we” do that in your opening post. Just remember you are competing as much against your teammates as you are against the opposite team.