Never should have allowed it

One thing they should never have allowed is, anybody being able to go into the fabricator….

Everybody wants to buy fortifications, and everybody wants to buy weapons, they should take that away, and let the engineers be the only ones to do the engineering….randoms wasting power on sentries just because they can, people buying heavy weapons because they can…

Some characters require buying weapons for their Kit so removing that is a horrible idea.

But I will agree that building should be restricted or at least an option to leave the Fab open. Just for those players who don’t want it to be. I don’t really care but still it should be there

Characters weren’t able to buy weapons that didn’t go with their characters before, they shouldn’t be able to do that now, people are just being way extra, instead of depositing, they are buying breaker maces, trishots, salvos, buzzkills, and etc, it’s ridiculous

Then that would be restricting the players freedom to play how they feel.

Besides TC never gave the classes good loadouts anyway so if course people are gonna change weapons.


Lol, all those pesky players using the energy they earned to have fun. What are they thinking?!

Youre right. I cant think of a better way to fix horde than to force everyone to serve one engineer’s bidding. As long as that engineer is having a good time, Im sure the other 80% of the playerbase will all see that as a win. Maybe they can include an expression to shine the engineers shoes while theyre at it?


Find a group. Communicate. Don’t play with randoms.


So, you’re one of those that doesn’t care if the base is built, as long as you can do what you want with YOUR EARNED power… got it , team player right there

Dude, We’re not on the same page or even the same book. I think fortifications in general are a huge step in the wrong direction. Horde 1.0 is still king and required far more teamwork than this convoluted mess ever will.

Edit: if just handing all the power over to one dude is considered “teamwork” then yeah, Im terrible at it.


Your solution is to host custom matches with rules in place. Or, just play with people from the forums.

Believe it or not, not everyone in this game cares about the ever changing meta, and the 3858393 rules set up by engineers hell bent on acquiring all the power. Let people play how they wanna play, simple as that.

Its ■■■■ like this that makes me miss Horde 1.0, when everyone had to work together to collect mulchers and setup boomshield walls. Now its give all your power to the engineer and shut up. He does everything and even thinking about buying a perk will get you cussed at.


Glad they have added Classic Horde. I watched someone play it on twitch and holy crap it looks like fun. Hope that they make it 50 waves in the future (and add both that and the Frenzy version to Private. I heard it isn’t in right now)

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Horde and specifically for me Horde 2.0 are on another level compared to TC’s version. In fact Survival is more fun.

Alhough if I had to play only TC versions, I would rather Horde 3.0 gameplay with 4.0 enemy rosta.



I’ve been saying this for ages, custom lobbies are the way forward, not completely take away the freedom of other players, I completely disagree with changing horde to suit the engineer when he’s completely valid as a class, any coordinated team on higher difficulties will value the engineer, but you can’t expect this any lower than insane and in public matches.

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That was one of the most annoying things about the game before. For Ex, giving a character a explosive granade card but giving them Incendiary Grenades in their loadout with no option to buy frags.

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You are extremely selfish. You’re making everyone’s lives harder by not depositing and giving the engineer resources to build everyone a locker and make barriers. You see it as YOUR MONEY, instead of seeing it as “the team’s money”. You can eventually keep all of your money, but fux sake man, give your team something to work with at least up until wave 20-25.

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Yeah it got released early according to micheal and apparently it was supposed to have rewards tied to it but I have no clue what

Lol, ever thought maybe depending on what class a player is their abilities combined with perks might be more useful to the team than the money they earned off their own back anyway :man_shrugging:

Once taps become available and they are well defended, theres plenty of power to go around without leeching from other players…

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Your perks are meaningless if the team wipes early on because there’s not enough money to build defenses.

Maybe on insane or higher, but any lower it doesn’t really matter, even then though… if your playing insane or higher in public matches its your own fault, don’t play with randoms and get a team thats serious about match completion to do so, really no sense in changing the fabricator when theres already a solution to the issue.

Ok, if you’re playing on a lower level then yeah, I suppose it doesn’t matter. Anyone can do anything at that point. I always play on Master so that’s why I reacted the way I did, and I assumed we were talking about the same thing. My bad. Carry on.