Never realized foundation was so good!

After playing the same 7 maps for almost 2 months foundation feels refreshing and realized how good of a map it really is. Now just add the other 4 gears 4 maps.


Disagree. Not that it’s not good, but because I’m playing on the same map with the same aesthetics as gears 4.

I don’t want to play on gears 4 maps that are straight up carbon copies. It’s so incredibly disappointing. All this time and waiting for g5 and “talent” able to work on maps and we get this. It’s sad. No, I don’t want to play on gears 4 maps. I’d rather play on the same maps over and over. I guess I’m in the minority tho.


keep sending tweets to the developers that you want more maps added

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Sorry have to disagree there. It is not good, none of g4 maps are,
It is open, bland, lacks any cover, let alone interesting pieces or set ups.

It has one BIG thing going for it though, Lines of sight, especially high ground ones DO actually tend to feature some thing blocking them. As such, even though every where is devoid of any cover, you get lancered down less.


so the alternative is to have no maps until early December

if you mention other maps from Gears1,2,3(or new maps) then you simply don’t understand the situation.



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Hey, I didn’t say I don’t want more maps in rotation.
In fact only having these maps in custom was a stupid move on tc’s part and all of them should be in rotation. The fact that they have only added one of the maps and made it seem like some huge favour to fans is, quite frankly, effing infuriating.

That doesn’t stop them from being bad maps though.


yes the fact they they are in the game is the only reason I want them put into rotation. it will help with the pitiful map count we have right now.

they’re a far cry from the great iconic maps made by Epic in 1-3. and I agree they’re very stale and basically designed to be esport arenas first and foremost.


It’s bad and it’s one of the better maps from 4.

Promotes lancers.


Yeah they really need some more maps in rotation. Iv been playing ranked for quite abit today and it was just the same maps getting selected so even if there’s 7 it doesn’t feel like it anyway, doesn’t help I got a tour of duty thing to do that requires to get a win on asylum not once that map got played

It only feels so good because the other maps are lancer fests.

Foundation has a lot of gnasher action and that’s why it’s so much more enjoyable than you remember it.

Because gears 4 wasn’t a lancer fest.
We need more of the old maps back (from the good gears games 1>3) to stifle the excessive lancer play, because TC sure aren’t going to do anything about it.


I legitimately have this fear that all of the free maps are going to end up being copies of old maps and they’ll exclusively be in private. Then, all the new public maps will cost money. I don’t know why I have this feeling…I hope I’m wrong…but it just sounds too perfect not to try to do.

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Now I’m yet again in that horrible bucle that was gears 4

(Checkout checkout, gridlock gridlock)

Its just horrible, I played that map 4 times in a row today, jezz I knew it will be end up like this.

If lobby didn’t have the option to chose map and instead pickup one randomly everything could be so much better…

Ah S**T here we go again.


It has Boomshot,Dropshop , torquebow ,flame and shock
(Mostly all at the same time)

Just the First run for the Boom it’s a lancer battle…

Man,what are you talking about…

I don’t know what map you’ve been playing on, but aside from a small bit of lancering at the start of the rounds, it’s generally a shotgun battle mania.

I played it 3 times tonight and it followed that formula. As it did in gears 4.

Sorry you’ve been in lancer fest foundation games

I don’t mind the lancer fest.
I enjoy that.

But foundation it’s not a “gnasher mania” map.
It’s huge
The rings in KOTH have to many open spots
The run for Frag,Drop/Boom basically it’s a lancer battle.
Same for the torquebow.
That’s my point.

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They could have changed the aesthetics at least, ffs we played that map since beta. Gears 2 at least changed maps in terms of colors!


If Foundation was a flat map, it probably would be better. With some more cover places added.

The way it is, it’s easier to dominate on playlists like KOTH.


you’re not getting it, at all.

  • brand new maps take around 5-6 months to create and properly test
  • Foundation was a 1:1 port to make the process faster
  • “changing colors”/assets would have added time to the porting process and taken away from the creation of new maps
  • video game development isn’t COPY/PASTE, â– â– â– â–  takes time even when you have a template

I do not care tbh… Gears 4 maps were the most bland maps in Gears history… Judgment had MUCH better maps!