Never noticed this before

There’s a little bar immediately to the right of your total ammo count. It’s a timer for when you can active reload again. It starts grayed out but when it fills up it turns white meaning you can active reload. Not sure why I never noticed this before.

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I’ve known this for ages, but I swear I had the same surprise reaction when I first realized lol.

Something i never noticed until recent

  1. Custom is filled with good players that would help greatly in improving the 1 sided state of ranked.

  2. Turning of vibration in the settings make MP so much easier and consistent, it also makes bouncing a lot easier.

Wow. I honestly thought EVERYONE had their vibration turned off. Thought it was standard.
When i play a different game. The vibration actually surprises me. Lol

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Its a shame that it makes movement, shooting etc better because Once turned off, it removes a lot of the weighty throw into cover feel.

I left mine on because I have always loved the feedback it gives. But I could see how it would make it easier not battling vibration while shooting a rifle.

In addition to that, since OP4, emptying a magazine instantly allows you to Active Reload again, regardless of the cooldown. Very handy to know if you’re running for time in Escape.