Never give up on the grind

Hey everybody I just wanted to pop on here and share something. I don’t know if everybody hates the game and has left now or not but I have been grinding this game 3 days a week after work for six months after not having played since g1 and I am finally about to reach masters solo queing on king of the hill. I was literally getting merked in social lobbies only a few short months ago and I am now taking mvp in diamond/masters lobbies. This for everyone that is grinding gold and onyx… just keep grinding and it will eventually pay off. Wish everyone the best


Positive threads aren’t allowed on the forums. Just kidding. Great to hear. Gives me some inspiration to keep at it.


Well done. Your patience is commendable.


Love this. It will never happen for me, but i live via others.

I’m a PvE player, but I have to give respect for you taking your time out to post something positive.

Bro that is what we should all be doing…I’m only gonna give positive news there’s enough bad news already. Thanks for reply guys


I would say just join some of the bigger name players and get masters in like a day/week but honestly solo queue is more impressive so hats off.


“Just keep grinding”

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I’m a master player who never got my ranked rewards in operation 1 and 2 …&@#£ ranked

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I was getting some good randoms the other day.

Trying to rank lower so when I play with friends it’s less sweaty.

Won 5-6 straight. Was amazed. Then one dude randomly quit after we 180-20 The opposing team & we barely lost a 4v5.

This ranking system was fair to me. Surprisingly from what I hear.

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I can not freaking belive it. hit gold 1 ist time ever since i started playing ranked in gears 4.

I think one thing that help is trying to re train my self not to hard aim. we had 2 intense matches. I was at silver 3 with 1K points left to go. we had to play this 5 man stack . the whole other team was above 90 elim each with 2 over 100. I walk away with 85 elim.

I guess at 60 years old and logging the time you can accomplish getting better in ranked given all the issues that exsit in the game. we see if i claw my way to onxy. I am not counting on it and honesty just getting to gold is a bif win for me.


I just asked for operation 4 extension so I can get to general after finally being able to play because of work before and they chewed my head off for it! 219 stars away but the dayly ops are only gives you like 10 -15 stars, if lucky.


I have to play on WiFi I don’t think masters is for me

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Got it in under 15 matches.

But I have a lot of friends that will accept me so I don’t have to solo.

But glad this dude reached his goal.

@ENGINEER_H4RR7 ya they ate you alive dude.

Get the boost & buy iron , I’d say. You still have like 30 days. You’ll be good

You actually have 12 days, my bad.

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Im getting there. Solo masters in koth.

Then i can brag to every spineless 5 stack and tell them to get masters solo like a real man.


Thats cool to hear. That can’t be easy either. I like the game for the most part but I’m losing my steam a bit. Once I hit Diamond 1 I haven’t been able to advance. So I go back and forth between Diamond 1 and Onyx 3. Generally I’m finding a higher calibre player and basically every match is against a 4 or 5 stack. In Onyx I’m usually 1st or 2nd in many of my matches. Diamond , not so much. So I’d need a level up to perform like that in Diamond.

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You hit Master in KOH in 15 matches? IS that for real?

Did you win 15 straight?

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Am I reading this right? Are you 60?

No, but as long as you max your points a loss doesn’t hit that hard.

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true, true

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