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Never ever buying esports weapon skins again!

(Brian Is Live) #22

Stop whining, man. Let them do something nice without any backlash. Who cares about you and the chump change you spent on those packs. I bought the $500 console that came with an exclusive vintage Oscar and now it’s craftable to everyone. See me complaining? Grow a backbone and keep it moving or go play some Nintendogs on the DS or something. That game has no DLC, so hopefully you won’t have that issue to complain about.

(W33DKingCA EiTz) #23

Cant believe people buy this crap to begin with… suckers

(Hot Chili Fries) #24

wow, that’s definitely a low blow. A pre-order exclusive should stay true to the definition. Only those who pre-ordered should get it and nobody else.