Never did I ever think that they'd actually give us KILLCAMS

But I am surprised and glad as hell that they’re incorporating it into Gears 5. I just hope it’s across all versus modes and not just social, etc.

And for everyone against the new addition, you can choose to skip it by pressing a button. Simple.

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Not sure why they wouldn’t add it to competitive though.

That isn’t the problem I have with the addition. The problem is the people who don’t skip it. Those who will look at these killcams and complain because of it.

Those high ping players are not going to be helped by this addition either. Kill cams only work in identifying the rare occasion of aimbotting.

I don’t have a problem with it personally. But it wont help the behaviour of the community, which with some people are already bad.

We do it anyway…

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the killcams will give players a better understanding of how and why they died. it will cut down on the complaints (hopefully).

it has always helped in CoD, just last night on the new maps launched i was killed by a player seemingly for out of nowhere. turns out it was from an upstairs balcony i never knew existed.

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Well, that is the marvellous place called the Forums :joy: