Network Connection

My account on all Gears of War platforms gets timed out overtime i try to play online is there something I have to do to prevent this?

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I had that issue a lot, where are you playing from?

You can try the basics (Restart your Xbox, reset the Router) to start with. Normally I run into a lot of issues with my current set up–but after resetting my Xbox (and sometimes playing a different online game for an hour or 2) seems to help sometimes.

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Im playing on the Xbox one, I already attempted to do a hard reset but unfortunately still no success.

No like what region? US East/West? Australia? UK?

US East.

Well then that should be less of an issue. Just make sure you’re hard-wired and you reset your Xbox or router if it starts to be iffy,

I’ve had issues over wifi so I switched to a hotspot which was more stable. Had some issues two weeks ago but they’ve gone away after the Carmine update.

I’m no expert but the simple reset seems to work for me.

Just started a different game mode with friends shortly to be kicked from the match seeing “ERROR You have been removed from the game. Connection to the game time out, please try again later.” :confused:

Try loading up another game and see if it works. That’ll tell you if it’s an issue with Gears or an issue on your side.

Im able to play “Call of Duty” but any Gears game this past month I’ve been disconnected the first couple minutes.

Yeah mine was like that for awhile there but eventually it went away. Not sure why.

Sorry i can’t answer this. It’s above my pay-grade.

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No prob appreciate the help hopefully with another update it might fix itself.

Are you using WiFi or a cable?

Have you checked to see if you’re occurring packet loss?

How often is this happening ? I’m talking time, every hour, once a day, etc. Is there a specific pattern ?

Team is investigating a few reports of this, but need more examples to track this down. If you haven’t already, can you reach out through and let me know your ticket number?

Do you play wirelessly? i had a similar issues where on my old xbox i think it was, it would disconnect completely from Xbox live get booted from the Game, i get back to the main menu, it then connects to the gears of war servers and xbox live again and prompts a message asking me if i would like to join back, id join back for 5 mins and it repeats, i now play on a wired connection and don’t have these issues any more, although i have tested on a wireless connection and my Ping is lower than it is on a wired connected but it also fluctuates a lot more so the connection is very inconsistent. I would recommend wired, you can get network plugs instead of using one long Network Cable from either your network provider or some online store.

There was another thread on a similar issues and i explained the process on what would happen: ]

’ I get the exact same problem, during the game it looks like I have lagged out (everyone running into walls, you know what the rest looks like) and then the party chat would go quiet, so I’d look on the party chat and it said everyone else in the party was trying to reconnect except for me, and my friends list was still appearing so my Xbox could still tell who was online, and then i would go to a loading screen because now I have been kicked out, and then I’d get a message saying ‘you have been removed from the game’ and return to the main menu.

The game would then say ‘connecting’ in the bottom right hand corner as if you have just loaded the game and then all your friends list appears, and then it says ‘would you like to rejoin the match’ and then I rejoin the match with the exact same points etc from when I was kicked, the party chat returns and then I’d be able to play again, and then it could happen again after a few minutes or in a few games I haven’t got a clue. This was also when on a wired connection going into a WiFi booster, but nothing indicates the WiFi booster has disconnected and everything in the house is still connected it’s the most frustrating thing. So now I’m on WiFi to the WiFi booster and it’s fine, like wtf is going on. ’