Netgear Nighthawk XR500 and Gears

I recently upgraded my router from a DGL 4500…it was okay router for gaming but was time to upgrade as it was to old and degrading with constant drops…I purchased a Nighthawk XR500. Does anyone have this router? If so, what settings are you using. What is your experience and thoughts on it…As of now I’m still tweaking the settings, port forwarding, Geo filter and bandwidth allocation…I do notice a difference with searches the lower I go with the geo filter the longer it takes to find a match, this is normal due to the less area it searches for servers and is okay as long as it matches me as evenly as possible with other players…I have also felt a better experience with matches, so far I see this when I play online alone, no party and friends…when I play with friends and in a party I do not notice much of a difference yet, I’ll mess with settings and test further as I get better understanding of the settings…let me know.

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Nice router!

That geo filter sure looks helpful. How are you finding games (sponge wise) if you really limit the geo radius?

Something seems to be happening…not much sponging with a shorter geo radius …feels pretty good…I’m at Onyx 2 50% , haven’t been able to get to this point due to a tremendous amount of sponging and lag that I struggled with prior…It seems to be helping…not saying it’s perfect but game has been enjoyable lately.

I always felt the Geo Filter is technology that came too late. I haven’t used one yet but I remember hearing about Netduma which I know teamed with Netgear now. The concept is great but I think it only helps with P2P games, right? If I set my geo filter to only connect to players near me that would in turn mean only the Illinois server. But it wouldn’t limit who connects to Illinois but rather keep me on that specific server. So I can’t actually set a filter to block out Mexico players as far as I know.

If anyone can verify if this is true or not I’d appreciate it. It just seems to be the case considering we’re using dedicated servers and I’m not directly connecting to others.

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I have a Netgear Nighthawk too, but mine is about 2 years old, it’s not exactly new. Still works great and all.

Yeah, I have the Nighthawk X10 R9000. It cost me $400 a year ago and I love it. :grinning:

…except the firmware requires me to reboot once a week or I risk it losing signal to my Fiber connection. Googled it and found out it’s a Netgear issue. Figures.

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Here is an option this router has…
Allow & Deny lets you whitelist or blacklist other connections, no matter the size of your Geo-Filter. Choosing to Allow another connection will mean they can always connect to you, even if they are outside your Geo-Filter range. Choosing to Deny another connection will mean it will always be blocked, even when it is inside your Geo-Filter range. You cannot block a dedicated server. To either Allow or Deny, left click on the connection on your Geo-Filter Map. Then in the Ping panel that opens on the right hand side, choose either ALLOW or DENY.


Before selecting ALLOW or DENY, give the connection a unique name in the Ping panel.

Sounds like it wouldn’t help me then. I want to completely block out players from Mexico as it would improve match quality tremendously but in Gears we connect to a dedicated server. That would make it appear I can’t block out these high ping warriors even with this software unless it was running on a P2P system. Now, if this was Destiny 2 it would be beneficial but in games such as Gears or Halo it appears useless.

If someone has experience with Netduma software that allows these Geofilters I’d love to know if I’m wrong. I’m just basing it off of how it’s written but as we know that can be misleading.

The Geo-Filter reduces the main cause of lag by limiting the distance of the hosts or servers you play on. Set your home using and then set a distance range. Any player or server outside of this range will be prevented from hosting your game. Use the magnifying glass icon to zoom in on an area of the map. Load recommended Geo-Filter settings for you favorite game by clicking the PROFILES button.

Exactly, but the dedicated server is hosting the match. I can set my Geofilter to search for servers within a certain range and that would be the server in my home state of Illinois. However, since the server is hosting the match, those who connect to it are out of my control. Even though I set a Geofilter to stay within the United States that will ensure I’m on United States based servers. What it won’t do is prevent the matchmaking system from matching players from Mexico into the match which makes this software useless unless you play that random P2P online multiplayer game. I’ve read about the software on a Netduma years ago when it first launched and this was one of the biggest complaints but those playing Destiny loved it because it uses a P2P setup.

As I said, this software is a bit late to the party. The premise is great and I would have loved to have something like this during the Gears 2 days. But now a days where almost every game I play is on dedicated servers it’s just not as useful. I do hope someone can chime in and prove this wrong so I can invest in a new router but it just doesn’t seem likely.

I can’t see it helping. I get the closest server more than 90% of the time but it’s the players who are distant from that server that are the problem, due to the way lag compensation is generously implemented. I actually do a little better when I’m on an East Coast server (I’m located on the West Coast) and my ping isn’t super-low. When I’m on the closest server, my ping is low and everyone else’s is high, so much of what goes on in the match seems delayed. I wallbounce behind someone and shoot them but it doesn’t count. I see them shoot in the opposite direction (where I was standing before I hit two walls) and I’m dead. I actually prefer to not be the lowest ping player in the lobby. Doesn’t resolve all sponging, but it seems to prevent the “none of this makes sense” feeling.

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This is so true.

I have a Netgear Nighthawk R7000, Ive had it for 3 years now. Thing thats nice about the nighthawks is for consoles you don’t need any port forwarding or anything its already setup for xbox one. Messing with settings may be making things worse even. Ive got multiple xbox ones and all have open nat always and always plays smoothly. As for bandwidth limiting or anything, I don’t set any of that either but depending on your connection speed you may need to, with my 1Gbps down and 1Gbps up I don’t need it.

Netgear is by far the best routers you can buy, ive went threw so many other brands and always had odd issues. Linksys is the worst, had like 5 of those and they always ended up with issues. Only settings I changed when setting it up was to set the NAT to open within the router settings. No issues.

Linksys for home use tends to live off their corporate networking reputation but it’s not even close to being the same. I have a Nighthawk R9000 now but may switch back to ASUS when it’s time. I find their firmware to be more stable than Netgear but both are definitely industry leaders now.

What’s going on right now with this constant drops from matches…I’m over here thinking I’m doing something wrong with this router settings…getting dropped and banned for 15 mins…thought this is fixed.