Nerf to theron weapon, tired of people never failing

Like you’d read, no one shots every shot with sniper, but man Impossible escape to torque bow, Just so overpower, it is like a boomshot with more bullets, You have nerfed every single weapon in the ground, why not the bow? like a lot of imprecision

…the Torque Bow?

You misspelled torque bow

But I think it’s relatively fine

It charges kind quick but it ain’t no biggie

It has a very distinct sound, the problem is when you don’t know where it is.

No need for a nerf, it’s not like there is a torque bow in every map.

Why not? I used to use boltok and then people complained a lot, until now is basically useless, Super rare getting killed by that, whereas before almost all my kills where headshots with that overpowered boltok of the past

Because the torque bow is not invincible. Once you know where it is you can bait it and be fine (if you time it right of course). It actually received a slight nerf as it now takes a little more time to stick the arrow, see the latest patch notes.

A good way of avoiding being hit by the toque bow

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