Nerf the talon pistol

In escalation people are starting to overuse the talon, the gun has no recoil if you have an elite controller and spam the lt button

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Master it and become a slayer! Love that weapon!
And I don’t own an elite controller.

Bring back Guardian!!!


There is a useful weapon other than the Gnasher? How awful! It must be nerfed!


Why don’t you use it too?


That’s the whole point. It’s so OP you better use it. Definitely not the way weapon balance is supposed to be.

I agree with the OP. The talon pistol follows the weapon balance trend in gears 5. It’s more powerful than it needs to be for a spawn pick up. Unfortunately many people like to get easy kills.

No, talon is fine


Nope. It’s a pickup. Instead of complaining start using it.


What am I doing wrong? Whenever I use it, the gun sprays all over the place except in the one place I want it to go - at my opponent. If I’m at close range maybe I’ll get some luck with it. Same goes for the Enforcer. I’ve seen people slay whole teams with it but when I use it, no chance.

Learn the recoil/ bloom patterns. Think not just about where you aim, but also about where the gun is going to go. You can learn to compensate.

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I like easy kills and yes that makes me a noob.

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It would seem that the recoil can be reduced by making several quick and short presses on the fire key

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Tap it or while you’re spraying press left stick up right stick down at same time hold Rt, let go , and tap hold let go , just play with it. I only use it on district.

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In fairness, I think there is a way for PC players to avoid recoil. This has come up before.

On a controller, it isn’t OP.

The snub can be mapped on PC to the mouse scroll button. It’s the whole reason the rate of fire was limited.

No to nerf in the regular sense. I’d actually prefer to see the pistol rate of fire slowed by 20%, if that makes sense.

It DOES feel good to outplay a gnasher user with one clip from the talon, though XD

It’s so easy to counter bro just back up.

The boomshot hurts me, nerf that ;(

Console too and better : K/M + console aim assist

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Abolish the boom. I’m sick of very powerful pick ups personally. What good do they do exactly? I remember the days where gears players would sub the boom out for more fun power weapons like the snipe and torque which take more skill to use…

Better idea, nerf the entire game. Take out all the weapons and remove melee attacks and replace them all with walkie talkies. Or remove all the weapons and just have melee attacks, but instead of knifing enemies you run up and hug them.

Lets turn Gears in to Sarcastaball cause apparently when you aren’t as good as someone else or you think a character or weapon is OP it needs to be nerfed.

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The recoil is rediculius. Maybe on pc it might be a problem. But that gun is far op