It’s such a crutch for scrubs

It reaches all the way the damn screen.
It’s crazy


I couldn’t agree more.

They just need to make the following changes:

  • No lunge
  • No melee instantly after shooting

Then it would be ok.


someone did a full 90 degree melee, they didn’t turn. the melee turned for them and instant melee hit.

They’ve literally managed to combine the two piece in reverse with a reverse chainsaw suction from GoW2. I’m not even mad, I’m actually impressed by TC’s commitments to make the game more noob friendly.


It ruins a good shotgun battle, oh im losing let me tab b to win - _-


The two pieceing in this game is out of control. I thought it was bad in UE, but my God, its ridiculous in 5. Anyone who uses the melee button in a shotgun battle should be permabanned lol.


I agree aha

There’s no reason to make the lunge that effective. They had the melee well in gears 4. I don’t understand why or how they would believe this would fair well here after the game parodying itself and everything about the gears 2 piece (talking about the glitch from gears 3 making fun of the 2 piece from gears 2.) there’s no reason for it. Take the lunge and auto lock on out.

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I agree. Meleeing in itself is fine, but it shouldn’t have a lunge that bridges the gap between yourself and your opponent. It feels cheap to die from that.


Also remove the melee from running. It always messes up my mantle kick!!

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I think Shoot/Melee/Shoot is a true combo in the game LOL. In the rare case, the melee doesn’t down you anyway.

That’s pretty dumb, ngl. I can’t believe they let this slide through, I haven’t really watched any of those dev streams but I can’t imagine it wasn’t something they were looking at.

Just delete the game that way I can’t ever die ever again

Or reduce the obscene damage that it does - 51% damage. Should be about 25-30%. And there is virtually no gap in time from the melee to the next shot.

I feel dirty because I’ve had to start doing it as well bc it’s just so OP, but I’d be glad to see it gone.


Was literally just about to ask if anyone knew what the damage % was for a melee. So it’s for sure 51 then?

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I hate it with a passion, so I only ever do it if the enemy starts doing it first, and only to that enemy (if possible, it’s hard when there is one robot doing it and the whole enemy team are robots :rofl:).

There was a guy doing it on the enemy team yesterday and my friend and I made it our mission to just hunt that guy down and melee the crap out of him.

We didn’t just go for him of course and played to win, but whenever we saw him we would gang up on him and melee. Hopefully the scrub learned his lesson, but I doubt it

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It’s 51%. I’ve missed my Gnasher shot completely and tried to make up for it with a melee lunge, then died shortly after. Each time it’s said “you did 51% damage”.

The lunge needs to go, and there needs to be a delay so two-piecing isn’t so incredibly easy.

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Yeah, for sure 51% - two melees will down you with no shots fired smh…

I’m sorry but making games noob friendly is what kills the game. If someone can do something better than you then that person shouldn’t be handicapped. You should get better at whatever is the activity.


I don’t mind the melee doing 51%, but I agree it needs a delay. The Gnasher shot then melee is damn near instant lol