Nerf the lancers

The lancers are way over powered and all people do that are bad and do not know how to play camp.

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nah it’s fine, git gud scrub :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Problem is the game feels like a CoD or BFV. Just to there if you want a Machinegun team-battles. I dont know why CoD fans come to waste their time on a game where is supposed to be close combat shotgun duels

You people have been complaining since gears 2 at least everytime a new gears comes out you tell the developers to nerf every gun except the gnasher the double barrel and scorcher have been taken out of the game because you cant just rush and body someone with a flamethrower. Now you complain because the lancer and ars are actually viable again. The gnasher is cool but its not the only gun in the game get gud and use your brain to counter the lancer and stop trying to just rush everyone.