Nerf the lancer again

Way to op in king of the hill


I don’t have too many issues with Lancers in KotH. They have their place but you have to learn to work around them.


It’s op if your playing solo and a squad just lancers you on a map like ice bound.if your playing with all solos it’s alright but still needs adjusting

I do agree here.

But so many weapons are OP in that scenario. It’s just the facts of a team based shooter.

Free for All is going to be a mess with Lancers though, lol. Aside from 2v2 Gnashers I’d say FFA should be the only other mode with Gnashers only.


Nerf the maps, they are the true cause of the cross heavy gameplay.


On Training Grounds if you post at one of those little “towers” (whatever they are called) you have direct line of sight into 5 out of the 6 koth rings.

On Vasgar when you pick up either snipe you can see into 5 out of 7 rings…

It’s all open maps, long line of sights…


Looked like they played with increased player speed in the esport event. So the lancer will be nerfed by this. If this was the case and it will come with op2

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I disagree. I think maybe at the start, but I think people will realize you’re not going to win a FFA by lancering.


I don’t think the Lancer is really the problem it’s the maps. The maps encourage the Lancer spam type of gameplay and icebound is the perfect example. When I play on the gears 4 maps I have a good experience. Not too much Lancer cancer, power weapons are balanced etc. But the moment I play a gears 5 map it’s instantly a worse experience.

Don’t think the lancer needs another nerf. The issue are the god awful maps that promote the usage of lancers, which is most of the new maps in Gears 5.




Or how about, like judgement, u pick ur primary loadout, secondary a snub, I think it could work well, bring hammerburst marksa etc back into loadout option but forcing secondary to be the snub. I think it could work yea?

Get good. If you think running head on into someone is a good idea then you deserve to die. Cover is a thing.

Have the maps are all open with barley any cover


Uhm, it’s SUPPOSED TO be the thing… But in these maps, there’s hardly any useful cover on most of them…


I can only see them being alright for finishing off someone after a gnasher fight or stealing kills, it really depends on map size. I already imagine the spawns will be bad enough that lancering will most likely result in being gibbed from behind.

You’re not supposed to beat 2 lancers by yourself. Same with the Gnasher and same with one of each.

Lancer is in a great spot imo and should have been this way on launch.

Draw your own conclusions…

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Steady headshot damage? I dont know what this disproves, dude. The lancer isn’t OP in the slightest since they tweaked it. Map design is another thing entirely, though.