Nerf the flashbang

I have not had much issue with them. I have been flashed by a few. Never for enough to kill me. I usually recover so fast. Maybe I am lucky.

You can dodge flashbangs by getting into cover. Depending on how bad you were flashbanged you can still move safely to cover. Sometimes you can partially roadie run away whilst flashed but I think that might be a bug.

Well that’s a needlessly childish response lol

In koth, which is my primary mode, the spamming of flashbangs is brutal. Plus…I don’t know if this is correct or not but it certainly FEELS like teams spawn closer to the hill. It just feels like there’s never a chance to breathe. Like if you successfully defend the hill and wipe the enemy team, you’re fighting again right away, which means you’re getting flashed again, and I think that’s because teams spawn closer to the hill than in previous games.

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REMOVE , smokes are fine, flashbang gives me a headache, i cant play gears 5 much cause of it, i thought i was the only one

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agreed! needs to be a pickup weapon. even frags are avoidable but because flash bangs go off as they hit the floor there is no way of escaping them.

Good post but disagree, you cant see a thing when you get flashed granted but you can still move so its all about rolling out of there asap, I like the fact it mixes things up a bit and stops teams from camping the control points as easily.

1 vote to keep, soz.

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Something has to be done with the flash grenades. Pick up only or get rid of them. Along with the book of other issues

Please nerf it I agree

Dont nerf it. Make it so its a pickup and buff it to flash a wider area. Make it worth something to fight for, as well as make the smoke back to what it was, just without shaking your entire screen violently.

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Ahhh flash bangs.
The effect really screws my eyes to the point where I hang back in horde. 2 hours of getting your retinas burned is to much. I would rather have a dark version. So instead of it flashing white it goes dark instead. Keep all the effects and haze just colored black instead. Would look kinda cool actually. Like someone burned bloches of your screen/vision away

Same goes for all flash bangs in games ever. Just a little option. Dark flash bangs or something. With epilepsy and people with sensitive vision It really harms your ability to play.

It definitely has a place. It’s a rush downtool.

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It ■■■■■ with my eyes as well when getting flashed for the 30th time on koth in less than a min. Don’t mind the stun much though as I hardly get killed due to the flash bang but damn is the flash annoying. In other modes it’s not too bad though.

That’s the best idea I’ve heard so far.

I still think they should be a pickup in versus, but having the screen go dark instead of bright would be much better on the eyes

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For sure especially how it strips you of sight and defence. Take one or the other. Or both a little less time

In other games when blind you can still move and shoot. You have to guess-predict, I I’ve never been a fan of game machanics that rip the controller out of your hands.

Call of duty learned this its why the Stun grenade and a flashbang are 2 different things

Either get rid of the stun effect or get rid of the flash effect. Both is to much, plus seeing a drunken ghosting blur vision vasaline in your eyes looks cooler than seeing… Well not alot really

I agree with this. This shouldn’t be an item you spawn in the game with but pick up on the maps.

I’d prefer removing the flash bang and keeping smoke as it is. Splitting up the utility of the smoke grenade was a bad idea because of course everyone is going to take the grenade that prevents people from running or shooting.

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And seeing
And hearing

It’s a item that strips you of everything but. It’s the smoke 2.0

I do want the darkbang though.

I think it would look awesome. Add in some flame effects on the vision kinda like how you burn paper. But in reverse

Only thing it’s missing is the knockdown effect which I do not miss at all.

Lol all thats left is setting you onfire XD

SmockcendiaryBang out!

I would like to see ranked go all the way back to non-stun smoke starts and see how gameplay is. If setups end up being too hard to break, then add in the flash bangs as map pickups for each team.

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The part about flashes that get me is that me and the grenade are on opposite sides of cover and I still get blinded and stunned. If my character just flinched that’d be cool cause it would still let the other team make plays. Not even frags can do that. Maybe make it a radius thing where if you are withing it then you get blinded and stunned. If you are outside of that radius then its just a stun.