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Nerf the flashbang

Flashbangs are insane. They’re not fun, or interesting, or strategic, they may as well be the rag doll smoke from GoW2. When they removed the rag doll in GoW2, Cliff Blezinski said “players don’t like control of their character being taken from them. Go figure.” That’s how I feel when i get flashbanged. No control. Can’t do anything. It’s so frustrating.


It’s a flashbang though. It’s supposed to incapacitate you. So yeah, you would lose control of your player for a brief time.


It’s the flash itself that gets to me, particularly in modes like koth where there are infinite respawns thus infinite flashbangs being thrown at your face throughout the entire match.


Try predicting bang & location from you know FLASHBANG GRENADE … maybe then you won’t complain on forums.

Maybe stop visiting the forums so that you dont have to read other people’s complaints… Maybe then you won’t complain about people complaining on the forums.


Lol, right?

I think flashbangs do way too much for something you spawn with, and in my primary mode of KoTH it’s wildly overpowered. If you could pick it up, fine. Or if it just blinded you, fine. Or if it just incapacitated you a tiny bit I guess it’s fine too. But it does so much for a weapon you spawn with, it doesn’t feel balanced.

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Dont nerf, remove it as a spawn weapon


Wouldn’t hate this either, though if it were a pickup i bet it would hardly be used.

Keep it, flashbang is a nice addition, free executions for everyone :smiley:


I disagree it’s certainly manageable… It’s fine as is.

Flash bang needs to be a pickup. Good god. The spam.

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I dont think they need to be a pick up but they do need to be nerfed a little bit. Also if you turn away from them you shouldnt be blinded. I dont care if I get a little stunned but being blinded by them when your not even looking is stupid. Also they should be like the smokes in 4 where you dont get stunned if you have a meat shield

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Individually they’re manageable, but when 10 are thrown at once at match start it’s a bit much.

Should be pick up like shocks and frags, spawn with basic smoke.


This post is just dumb I’ve been hit with about ten of those things in team death match and manage to still see and get away with my character nothing is wrong with the flashbang you’re probably just not good and keep getting killed

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My chainsaw does just fine, even when they clearly see it coming :grin:

That’s just it, there is something wrong with having it spammed at you in KOTH every freaking respawn. It’s not just 5, it’s not just 10, it’s every d^mn time and it gets old. It’s not about being good enough, it’s about always being f^cking blinded and causing major eye strain and pain. There is no reason for them to be used so often and so much! It’s supposed to be strategic, not spammed to holy h^ll and back, that’s why it needs to be a pickup instead of a standard.
H^ll, I’d be fine with it every third or fourth respawn, but not every d^mn time. All I ever hear is “Incoming Flash” and “Throwing Flash” and nothing else. Seriously, for f^cks sake, it’s too much.


Rag doll smoke :joy::joy::joy:
I just picture somebody lighting a raggedety ann,then throwing it down an alleyway

Your meatshield should start scoffing :joy::joy::joy:

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Flashbang should be a pickup in KOTH. Infinite respawns = infinite fb spam. It is so OP no-one uses smoke anymore. This madness needs to stop now.

Won’t someone think of the children :slight_smile: