Nerf shock grendes

Idk if any of you noticed but these things literally get you down on contact. In gears 4 at least you had a chance to escape it.

Nerf it

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I realize this topic is about the Shocks but no one seems to complain about the Claw which, in any mode besides Campaign, is just ridiculously overpowered. This isn’t as noticeable against players perhaps, but bots are ridiculous with it, especially when you get to higher difficulty settings. In Versus they can down you with four shots at close range. I’ve seen a clip of a bot downing three people with a Gnasher rushing a Claw-armed bot and it got all three of them. Absolutely ridiculous.

I noticed that I can not move when I’m in the radius and my Charakter just stands there until down. All the weapons need a little nerf imo

Nerf the claw, nerf the shock. Sh*t, drop an invincibility potion while you’re at it. None of us should ever have to die, ever.



Is this the same guy that used to call everyone princess on the old forums and got that perma ban?


Clearly not.

Bans from old forums apparently didn’t carry over.

Anyhow, good to know.

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There’s a difference between being hard to go up against but reasonably beatable or straight up unbalanced or overpowered. The Claw definitely belongs in that category. Not a fun weapon to be up against under any circumstances. Insane stopping power, decent accuracy at mid range even, and very high damage output. At the very least for PvE modes besides Campaign it shouldn’t be as ridiculous of a weapon that it can effectively pin you down completely or down you within seconds like a heavy weapon even when you’re just on the third difficulty setting where the increased damage mutator isn’t active(speaking for Horde - they vary in order for Escape and aren’t the same for every hive). Player-wise, the weapon seems in a good spot for PvE.

Don’t see why shocks should be nerfed. I think they are fine. They need to to buff frags lol

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dew it!

Your request is denied.

Lmao we’ll see about that :wink: