Nerf or Remove Breaker Mace from ranked

Breaker Mace is broken, it has too much range and can insta kill or down you. Unfair in ranked becasue it takes little to no skill to use. Thank you for your time,


Shoot them from distance with superduper OP lancer then.


Honestly, there is many options to counter this. Toss a flashbang maybe?

Sounds silly when you say it takes no skill to use but you keep being killed from it…


I don’t think it should be removed from ranked and i think the damage is fine, it’s supposed to be OP. The issue i think is the invulnerability when attacking with it, i threw a frag grenade at the guys feet and my friend point blanked him with the Gnasher and he still didn’t die, that’s ridiculous

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takes no skill to use? then get some skill to avoid it instead of heading to the forums you bot. get good

I mean considering all the maps it spawns in, it’s close range and can hit you behind cover, so yes it takes little to no skill.


This is the exact same thing as saying that the Drop is too OP because it can shoot long ranged and can hit you while behind cover.

HAHAHA, if you cant predict the dropshot or dodge it then get off the forums lol you cant simply roll to dodge the breaker, and to mention they are practically immune to damage while swinging

You literally can. Its a CQC weapon. Just get out of its range.

Nope. That is false. I have killed, and have been killed mid-swing on many occasions

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It’s less invulnerability and more like damage resistance. The Breaker Mace sacrifices some durability for defense when the user is shot.

If you cant notice a guy about to swing a huge mace to roll out of the way or keep your distance then there is something wrong with you and not the game.
Its a power weapon that you can simple break by shooting it.

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Yes. My point exactly

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Well I have shot someone with a longbow and then bodied them with the gnash while he swung and I still died. I’ve bodied so many people while they swung and still died. It shouldnt be in ranked or it needs a nerf. Im fine with either.

They have damage resistance when using it. You’d have to destroy their Mace, since they won’t let themselves die.

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Even if you were to dodge you’d still die lol but I didnt know you could shoot the mace. I predict it everytime, thats not the problem im having

The long overhead has some deceptive range. Even if you roll out of its kill range, you might still get downed.

Plus, there’s the fast swipe attack that lunges. Pretty much impossible to avoid.

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See option 2.
Keep distance.

You get maybe 3-4 kills before it breaks. Like no different from any other POWER weapon.
You guys are complaining like you spawn with it in ranked.

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I mean it might as well be invulnerability if a frag grenade and a Gnasher to the face doesn’t kill him

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I’ve used it more often than it was used on me. I hide around corners as I advance, killing anyone around the corner before they can even react.

When it is used on me, I can be 2 cover spots away, and I still go down, because of the overhead.

It is very different from other power weapons, Boom Shot has bullet drop from a distance and is easy to dodge, boom close range has the potential to kill the user, it’s only really good mid-range. Drop shot, you pretty much need an active reload if you want to kill someone decently skilled.