Nerf melee, it's crazy

Holy moly please nerf the melee in this game. It’s bad enough I have to deal with people eating my shots all the time, but meleeing is pretty much op. I can’t count how many times I’ve had people melee and one-shot me and I can’t even do anything about it because I recover from being meleed slower than the person who melees.


How do you get one shot with a melee? With the hammer?

No I meant they melee me and then they just shoot me since they recover faster

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Did you try not getting closer ?


Pretty sure this kinda thing has been in gears for years. I remember using this alot in gears 2 and 3. Melee and pop them straight after


What do you mean? It’s fine.


YOU melee them instead?


2 piece KFC meals been in gears forever lol,but don’t be a chicken use a gnasher like true vet .



Thumbs up for using “holy moly.”


I prefer the old melee style where you melee them with the weapon you are holding and the way it was carried out was better.

Now everyone just swings these little pocket knifes around and it covers a bigger area in my opinion… And yes it is swung very quickly too


Melee + 1 shot gnasher has been in the game since GoW 1. And in GoW1 when you meleed someone then even if you strafed you camera was locked on him so it was piss easy to kill someone when you managed to get close. Its one of my favourite parts because that means i dont want ppl to get close. And if i do im gone.



It’s been worse but sure i’m always down for a weaker melee.

The super wide, sweeping swing.

I like the weapon butt better as well. I also like the chainsaw NOT on the reload button.


The 2 piece was popular in g2.

Gnasher battles are now “b” mashing contests.

Yes, Melee it is harming a gnasher combat

Nope can’t touch melee until they make the gnasher have 8 shots again.

I loled!!!

Melee was awful, almost game breaking, in GoW2. Who could forget the ol’ two-piece? It wasn’t a problem really in GoW3 or 4, not in my opinion anyway, but it’s bad again. Not like GoW2 but bad. But now there’s like a weird lunge that comes with it. I’m surprised I haven’t seen much here about it, thought maybe it was just some lag or something, but either way I hate it. I don’t feel like melee belongs in a shooter, at least not in the sense that it’s equal in strength to a clip of bullets. If anything I’d have the melee be a shove that does zero damage and that only works at super close quarters and creates separation between players, and the players recover at the same time.