Nerf Core Lancers

I think they’re cancelling out the bounce prior to hitting the wall. I don’t even want to know how to do that because honestly every person that does it is an extremely easy kill. Emphasis on the word extremely.

Honestly, that’s not fast enough.

Plus wallbouncing so predictably like that makes for an easy kill.

Theres a few methods but one i think is best for getting fast. Alongside that do you play claw or change your controls so that your A button is now LB?
I play claw so i can keep my thumb on the right stick and press A at the same time without taking it off, its not necessary but i feel like only pro’s should stick with the normal way as they play way more.

The easiest way is the look away technique or at least thats what i call it.

  • Practice somewhere that has a hallway of close walls such as Oldtown, preferably the one near the higher ground spawn
  • For this one you will always hold the left stick forward when doing it in full motion but, you just need to focus on A and the right stick.
  • When in the hallways start off looking slightly left or slightly right, whichever you prefer to start with. Turn your camera enough that you feel like you know you will slide into cover and not roll.
  • When looking at the wall, Tap A. You will stick into cover.
  • Now as you are always holding forward the whole time when you start, be prepared as the moment you hold forward and press A, you will begin sliding into cover, start moving your right stick to look towards the opposite side.
    So if i was looking left at the start, I hold forward, press A and start looking to the other side, youll notice it will automatically pull you out of cover.
  • The moment you look enough to the other cover, press A again to slide into cover and you have essentially done it.
    You want to do that slow and focus less on speed and more on consistently moving from cover to cover. You’ll get faster over time.

Below is an example of me doing it going from slow to fast, by the time your doing it quick your always holding forward and its just about turning, press A, turn again Press A.
Oh and i am by no means perfect at it but i plan to really practice closer to Gears 5.

EDIT: BONUS clip for those that share my pain, its not playing sound for some reason but slow it down to 0.25 playback speed and you can see me shoot.

I think the core lancer is fine atm, No where near as powerful or accurate as the infamous “Hammerburst”. The Lancer was made for suppressing the enemy, More the 80% of the time once you get up close to someone, it’s a 1v1 gnasher battle.

The Lancer is a support weapon, I use it to weaken enemies for my teammates, even If I only put two shots into them, it helps. When a full team decides to use lancers, have 3 lancer back and barrage them with Smoke grenades while two pressure closer with shotguns. (Varies on Map) It’s simply strategizing. For example, Running into the Middle of Gridlock and then getting crossed by the enemy team is simply a person being too stubborn to change their strategy. But, hey that’s what seperate the Samurai from the Shogun lol

I got hate mail on xbox every match for being a ‘trash lancerdo’.

My response was usually


Awesome post. It does ease folks into the game.

It’s fine the way it is. I rarely die solely by lancer. Use cover and smokes and know where to go and not to go.

Nobody likes being lancered but don’t take it away. It gives the game more dynamic, makes you think more and use a little strategy. I don’t think it should ALL be just run and gun auto pilot muscle memory reactive shenanigans that makes about 90% of gears anyway.

It’s the peanut butter to the jelly.

EDIT: I just watched the video. I was literally laughing out loud.

Reminds me of a while back not long after I started playing, I decided to walk around raven down and do nothing but chain saw. No roadie running, strafing, or bouncing, or taking cover. Just walked casually about in the open, the entire match. I was top of the leader board with a pretty decent k/d by the end of the match. At first I could tell it threw some folks for a loop but by the end I was having a lot of duels.

Not recommended as an every day strategy in higher level ranked matches as I’m sure most of us know.

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My gripe is the fact that I just don’t find slower playstyles in this game very fun. The game play is clearly designed around the gnasher, as has been the case since the first game. The rifles completely change how the game plays, and not for the better, imo.