Neon Esports Skins Not Claimed

Hello, i opened this post because i buyed the newest set (neon esports skins loadout) in the store but i can’t see it in my weapon collection after i buyed the set.

TC has been having a lot of problems with this for weeks now, recommend not to buy anything without coins

don’t know why they can’t just block all transactions before fixing it but they’re money hungry

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Hope they can fix as soon as possible.

Yeah same here. I say be patient for the next couple of days, and if you don’t get them after a couple of days then submit a support ticket.

Alot of players have been experiencing problems when buying eSports skin items. Some people have to restart their game and it appears the next time they logged on; others have to wait a few hours, some wait days, and others still haven’t received their items weeks or months after. It’s been a mixed bag from what I’ve seen.

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So sad.

I received mine just now. I bought them about 30 minutes ago, so hopefully you’ll get yours soon.

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