Negative Points

So I just went 36 - 6 in TDM, won and recieved MVP. How could I possibly recieve -600 tier points? I’ve given up on ever getting out of silver 2 already, but this is the icing on the cake. Its unreal.


I think its because of silver ranks overload my two friends lost 2k points just now I didn’t lose any though im a Higher rank though

Gotcha. Just drives me crazy. Was diamond in gears 4 and in this game, I’m apparently the same skill level as some bum who doesnt even know how to hold his controller the right way.


Like i said i dont understand their skill points at all, they truly need to make them objective based at the least, i wont forget the game of Guardian I played where I was leader and got -120 in a round for doing nothing least in its view, i stayed alive 8 minutes before my team finally killed their leader, I never died true I didnt kill or assist but its called being a smart leader that never got pushed.

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It’s a cluster f*ck right now. They did mention that they’re working on sorting it out on the dev stream. Praise the heavens lads, the gods finally answered.

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I have been reset twice so I know how you feel i finally got Masters in TDM not long ago


Not even TC employees know what determines the tier points, Not intending this as a call out or anything (and I appreciate the weekly dev streams), but imagine how perplexing this system must be for players. This is a problem.


Its really not that complicated tbh, i say that knowing nothing about coding and all that but im sure that part is but the system itself should be a very easy way to do it

Certain amount of positive points for kills, the same amount negative for deaths, lesser positive amount for assists… that carries all modes then you have your objective based

KOTH/Escalstion certain amount of points for caps, certain amount for breaks

Guardian a bonus amount for staying alive as leader the whole round, on downside you get that same amount negative if you die as leader which is more points than a normal death, but should be that way for dying as leader cause it means more

Least that latter would help solve the problem of getting paired with idiot leaders who run straight into battle and die in 10 seconds… yea thatd probably still happen, but if that was the system and people understood that was the system, itd definitely be happening less


I just went 26-10 , won match and received MVP again and got my amazing reward. -800 points. Its perplexing lol.