Negative Penalty Glitch?

Is there a glitch associated with the penalty for leaving a match early? About two months ago I was playing with randoms that quit, so I quit as well and I have been getting negative penalties on my credits payout since!! Again…2 months ago! Has this happened to anyone else??

Yes, but I did not left, more than 2 weeks ago, the “high quality” potato servers kicked me from the game, not even my fault, I did rejoin, which was also fun, it reconnect me after 30 attempts, not kidding, and I did finish the game, but since then I get after every versus match or boss wave in horde -17 credits, Coalition at its best…:fu:

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TC are aware of the penalty application and match disconnects. Unfortunstely they still investigating the issue and nothing can really be done at the moment. Perhaps just stick to play social in case you get wacked with more credit penalties.

I’am sure they are “working hard” to resolve this issue dude, totally convinced.
Like they are working on the nvidia issue