Needs to be huge penalties for leaving horde matches

To many people start matches the leave after round ten. I’m lvl 94 and have only found a few matches where even 4 people stayed in the match. I’ve never best it with 5 players yet because of this. So their needs to be a penalty for leaving the game or people added to the game after it’s started besides inviting friends.


They should all be ashamed of themselves for being so selfish. They probably do hardcore drugs too.


I have left countless horde games as I am unable to play as the character I want 80% of the time. Thr no duplicate rule has destroyed public horde completely. Its a disgrace tc took away our ability to play as who we want.


You want to really kill this mode, you add quit penalties. Fantastic idea.


I think people should be able to leave in the first few minutes of the first round or even till the 5 the round but don’t waste a hour of people’s time dragging them to lvl 30 then run off with the xp and leave your team hanging. Bottom line is if you don’t have the time or attention span to play a full match then play another game mode. I had to play lvl 19 to 40 tonight with me and 4 A.I. tonight because they just bailed at lvl 19.

I just go to the “looking for” official groups and find people willing to stay the full hours of gameplay.


Try custom games instead of public. While people may leave, it doesn’t take too long for someone to replace the one that left.

You might say than custom lobbies saved G5 Horde for me, give it a try.

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I hosted one today and I ended up having a full team. Now I was mostly there to get my cryo kills, everytime I downed an enemy and was about to cryo kill someone killed it… they took my cryo off the weapons locker during DB rounds 10-20 so after that I’d had enough and left…
Ruined 4 other players experience but in that case I had / have 0 fks as everytime I’ve tried to do it it happens… penalty for leaving? Fix the ■■■■■■ element of random idiocy and then it could be implemented but you can’t put brains into bricks! Good luck

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I’m going to have to try that.

It does suck when people leave at the very beginning cause they didn’t get the class they wanted but forcing someone to play to wave 50 as a class they didn’t want isn’t fun. They should make it so other people could jump in to compensate. The bots are ■■■■■■■■. They can only takes hits and revive people but they rarely do that well.


I normally don’t leave or be a d i c k head only in the situation I mentioned, but definitely try playing the custom ones because usually they aren’t played by brain dead players or people who excessively leave but there are stability issues which I’ve seen players get booted at random times.

do you still get XP in custom Horde?

Yes. You still earn XP in private hosted Horde lobbies.


Custom ones it is, thanks for the tip!


I agree completely but I think punishing people might not be the solution.

I belive there are two groups who play horde. People who just need to get x waves done quick and people who actually want to try and do a full run.

What needs to happen is separate horde into two separate modes. Mode 1 goes to wave 30 and moves through the waves more rapidly.

The second mode goes to wave 50 and if you leave before wave 40 your rewards are dramatically reduced and any goals tied to wave completion don’t count unless you complete it entirely. However completing this mode rewards huge amounts.


Prison is the answer. Maybe some old fashioned execution method like the brazen bull. We can’t allow these monsters to get away with the emotional trauma they’re inflicting on players by leaving them.


I addressed this previously.

It’s a tough call as genuine disconnects will cause a lot of stress to players who get banned for 30 minutes. Young Doris who lives in the rural areas with only copper cables available will get booted after a while. What’s the answer?

Quitting frequency. Not just plain quitting.
If someone quits more than x times in a 4 hour period then they get a warning appear and on that warning is a message that is time delayed so they have to read it. Along the lines of “Stop quitting ho! You just abandoned 4 guys who are grinding and dying cos you didn’t like the map/needed some Doritos/your mum says it’s time for school now”

Yes it does annoy players who are serious but a lot of people throughout time will be poking heads in to see “What is this?” And then select the wrong difficulty. Maybe difficulty lockouts based on level too? Will prevent erroneous difficulty selection. rainbow Six doesn’t allow ranked until level 30. Should be more.

I believe in earning things. The same with this game.
Things should be locked for people until you get to certain levels learning the ropes. Thoughts?


I can respect that idea.

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If they added the 25 wave horde mode then it will also limit quitting as well. Not everyone has time or patience to do 50 waves of horde for hours. Some just want a small dose of the experience or want to complete a daily challenge or a medal. The no duplicate character rule and just the whole Hero idea is making quitting more common as well.


thx appreciate it
wasn’t sure if it did but that’s where i’m going for Horde

Public is a quit fest

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Doing the same thing here. I’m just trying to grind out levels and skills in both Escape and Horde.