Need XP fast? No good teammates? Speed run Last Stand on Master, solo

I made another thread on this topic some time ago, but after further testing I think I can clean up the instructions a little, as well as “better” recommendations on how to do this, successfully, nearly every attempt.

I love the “Last Stand” escape level, because it can be completed faster than any other escape with the Gunner class, yes even Surge.

Variations on this “trick” works with Brawler or Infiltrator, too, but it takes longer to complete each run.

This tactic requires a Gunner of high level and good cards, at the very least a level 4+ “Sole Survivor” card.

As a side note, I just love Sole Survivor when doing solo Gunner runs, it’s amazing how much it allows you to “do things you shouldn’t be able to” when you are constantly recharging your ultimate at +320%!


-Choose Last Stand Escape hive with a Gunner class character, at least level 4 “Sole Survivor”, and then the cards Heavy Shell, Bait Armor, Concussive explosives, and Heavy Capacity. I used to use Reflect Shredder for this, but swapped it out and it’s more effective (see below).

-After starting the run, wait around until your ultimate is 30-50% or so before you leave the starting area. Sole survivor will get you “ready” to use it by the time you need it.

-After leaving the starting area, run down the corridor until you get to the 1st set of weapons, grab the salvo, then unload on the enemies to the right of your starting position. You should clear all the drones to your right before you advance further, juvies can be dodged.

-Drop the salvo, then just run to your right. Keep running. Just before the checkpoint a Mulcher Scion may appear, activate ultimate to clear if this happens (you need the ultimate for this Scion if it appears).

-Run to checkpoint, advance.

-In the checkpoint room, grab both frag grenades, and the spare ammo. Critical step.

Now the “tricky” part…

Remember concussive explosives? Now you need them.

The tricky part with doing this tactic on Master is the enemy stopping power, concussive explosives is the key.

After leaving the checkpoint, wait a moment if you need to recharge your ultimate. Sole survivor will easily allow you to do so before the venom reaches you.

Once you are recharged, run as before.

Right as the first group of enemies begins popping out, chuck a grenade at them, what will be your eventual path. Between all the stunned enemies from the grenade, activate your ultimate to deflect anything still coming at you, and run by the crowd. This sounds hard, but between a well timed grenade and your ultimate, you should be able to run on by.

-If enemies slow you down with stopping power as you run by, do a flip, it’ll lessen the freezing effect.

-Once you clear the crowd, run run run! Run for that exit! As you run in a mostly straight line, lay down the other grenade in front of you as a trap, it’ll slow / stop any enemies following you.

-At this point using Heavy Shell and not Reflect Shredder made the difference for me. I used to use Reflect Shredder, but found it killed enemies in the 1st group you come across after the checkpoint, which gives the level a chance to spawn more enemies in front of you as you escape. Not killing the enemies in the 1st spawn area will prevent further spawning in front of you.

-Once you get to the door, hit the switch and wait behind a barrier for more enemies to arrive. Often times I meet no additional resistance beyond juvies that blow up from my planted grenade from earlier. I’ve sat waiting for enemies and not had to fire a single shot.

-Smile as you watch huge crowds of enemies slowly lumber your way, as they will never get to you before the door closes.

This is doable and repeatable. After ironing out some kinks I’ve completed 4 Master runs on this level, solo, without dying.

A final kudos to TC for allowing players to restart Escape runs at the checkpoint. With that feature in place, this is even more doable as you can retry the “tricky” part quickly.

With Master solo runs this way I can get 4-5k XP (with boost) per run, with each run taking a VERY small amount of time.

Go get that XP! (And cards if you need them, easy way to max out a Gunner’s cards)


■■■■■■■ wut?

That’s too much extra steps and you don’t have to wait at the beginning.

Just empty out the Salvo, run to the decon-room with at least 70% ult charge and run past the enemies in ch2.

Also; the card setup that actually works is : Bait Armor / Heavy Deflect / Heavy Charger / Heavy Capacity / Sole Survivor ( this can be swapped with Uncle Clay if you bring Lizzie with Rear Armor into the Hive with you and then you can run past the Mulcher Scion unharmed)

Can I ask why Heavy Shell? I don’t recall there being anything that constitutes a “projectile” like Salvoes which can be reflected back at the enemy. I just remember Mulchers, Elite Drones and Elite Grenadiers (plus Juvies) which should all be covered by your standard ultimate ability.


My tactic “actually works” and can be done solo.

I’m not sure why it seems so tough to do, just run, throw a grenade, then keep running?

I do that last part so ultra stopping power doesn’t stop me from running by. Occasionally the elite drones all shooting with ultra stopping power prevent me from getting past before the ultimate runs out. Stunning the enemies prevents this.

As opposed to mine? I’m currently #5 on the master-leaderboard with 163 runs and 95% of those runs were done solo.

Sadly the decon-room is missing, but I only picked up the ammo and continued. And it’s not a particular good run.


Great! So what do I do if I don’t need to level up Gunner?

Find someone who wants to play to play Clay and bring Lizzie instead. 3rd can be whatever.

Done it several times without throwing a grenade. I just keep rolling and the drones end up downing themselves. The only part I have messed up is the beginning but now I think I’ve got that worked out too.

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Great question.

This is completely anecdotal and I can’t explain why, other than to say I think Heavy Shell, in addition to its properties, makes regular bullets reflect better / at a higher rate.

I’ve done this run solo many times. and when I don’t have Heavy Shell equipped, at the ambush after the checkpoint I down, maybe 1-2 drones when my ultimate activates? With Heavy Shell equipped, I down 4+, always. The Mulcher Scions are also more likely to down themselves, and do so faster.

Perhaps Heavy Shell makes the bubble reflect out from the Gunner’s body slightly more?

Regardless, this run can be done with Heavy Shell or not, as you pointed out.

Cool knife tricks


Rather use Heavy Deflect to give a bigger window before needing to pop ult vs Mulcher or to tank a few extra Mulcher hits if running away from one. Heavy Shell is useless on this hive.

Dude, I never said your tactics don’t work. This thread is about mine, which works. I don’t know why you keep hijacking my threads, and I don’t care?

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How the ■■■■ is voicing opinions “hijacking” a thread? News flash: Just because you made a thread doesn’t mean others can’t voice their opinion/methods.


Not meaning to hijack this one. And AFAIK it’s Herr K’s method, not mine. He posted it about it some weeks ago in other threads. About the Pilot thread: sorry about that. You had a point about it being a bug.

This time, however, unless Heavy Shell does something not in description and that no one has noticed until now, then you’d be giving wrong advice. If I see something wrong then I tend to point it out and so do a lot of others who post here. I’ve also been on the receiving end of it. Thick skin helps.


Still waiting for TC to break this speedrun method like The Surge.


Many ways to skin a cat they say. I for one am always amazed at how much trial and error people put in to find these methods.

I doubt they will at this stage. I mean, this method is limited to Clayton/Gunner; so it’s not like you can really do it with anyone else (I know there’s a couple of other classes, but they are done differently and it’s not as fast). When TC changed The Surge, it was because people could run through master; but when people found a different route which worked for Insane, they didn’t bother, so I doubt they will for this.

How much time does it take per run? Did you clock it?

5 minutes from the pod to gates closing. So depending on your platform between 6-8 minutes.

To answer the first question, since the reup changes…no no I really do not.